The narrator recounts three instances of incredible coincidences and suggests that forces greater than chance play important roles in life.

Police officer Jim Kurring investigates a disturbance at a woman's apartment, finding a body in a closet. Dixon, a neighborhood boy, tries to tell him who committed the murder but Jim is dismissive. Jim goes to the apartment of Claudia Wilson. Claudia's neighbors called the police after she had an argument with her estranged father, children's game show host Jimmy Gator, and then blasted music while snorting cocaine. Unaware of her addiction, Jim is attracted to her and prolongs the visit. He asks her on a date that night; she says yes. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:R
Country:United States
Produced By:Daniel Lupi, Michael De Luca, Lynn Harris, Paul Thomas Anderson, Dylan Tichenor, Joanne Sellar
Directed By:Paul Thomas Anderson
Written By:Paul Thomas Anderson
Cast:Junichi Yanagita, Clement Blake, Genevieve Zweig, Rod McLachlan, Colleen Pelletier, Jim Meskimen, Tom Tangen, Holly Houston, Clark Gregg, William Mapother, Danny Wells, Michael Laren, Pat Healy, Patricia Forte, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Michael Shamus Wiles, Craig Kvinsland, Neil Flynn, Lynne Lerner, Michael Bowen, Cory Buck, Ezra Buzzington, Kevin Breznahan, Veronica Hart, John Kraft Seitz, Lynne Oropeza, Neil Pepe, Tim Soronen, Bobby Brewer, April Grace, Miriam Margolyes, Luis Guzmán, Lionel Mark Smith, Mark Flannagan, Orlando Jones, Alfred Molina, Henry Gibson, Patton Oswalt, Melinda Dillon, Thomas Jane, Robert Downey Sr., Patricia Scanlon, Sean Wilson, Allan Graf, Philip Baker Hall, Don McManus, Greg Bronson, Melora Walters, Felicity Huffman, Scott Burkett, Bruce Gregory, Jeremy Blackman, Meagen Fay, Jason Robards, Tom Ohmer, Christina Eliason, John S. Davies, John C. Reilly, Paul Thomas Anderson, Eileen Ryan, Matt Gerald, John Pritchett, Frank Elmore, Annette Helde, Brad Hunt, Cleo King, Lillian Adams, Jim Beaver, Jason Andrews, Paul F. Tompkins, Natalie Marston, James Kiriyama-Lem, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Murphy, Chris O'Hara, Raymond 'Big Guy' Gonzales, Missy Spell Tanner, William H. Macy, Miguel Pérez, Scott Alan Smith, Art Frankel, Ricky Jay, Robert Bella, Patrick Warren, Jim Ortlieb, Virginia Pereira, Phil Hawn, Tom Cruise, Brian Higgins, Herb Santos Jr., Julianne Moore, Dale Gibson, Dayna Price, Douglas Busby
In Theaters:Jan 07, 2000
Runtime:3 hours 8 minutes
Production:Ghoulardi Film Company, New Line Cinema, The Magnolia Project
Box Office:$22,455,976