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Quarantine Reviews: X-Men Dark Phoenix (Official Review)

With Netflix's servers on the fritz, you may have explored some other streaming and on-demand platforms over the weekend. If you have HBO on-demand or HBO Go, you may have been excited to see one of their recent additions for viewing. X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the final chapter of the X-Men franchise (supposedly), is now available.


New on Netflix (April 2020)

With the return of Ozark: Season 3 today, Netflix will continue to have bandwidth challenges heading into a new month of content. Alas, check out all the new movies and shows coming to Netflix in April 2020:


Quarantine Reviews: The Banker (Official Review)

We've got another great film for you to check out, and this one isn't on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. We're talking about The Banker, one of the few movies to be picked up by Apple+. Read on for our official review.


New Trailers (Week 12, 2020)

If you're into new movie trailers, we've got a new batch of previews for your viewing enjoyment. Check out the best new trailers for Week 12, 2020!


Quarantine Reviews: Uncut Gems (Official Review)

Is Adam Sander's most recent film, Uncut Gems, more anxiety-ridden than entertaining? Read on for our official review.


Quarantine Reviews: The Platform (Official Review)

In times of worldwide quarantine, people everywhere are looking for any form of entertainment to pass the time. Netflix and Disney+ have gone so far as to slow their server speeds in parts of Europe and North America to keep the internet operational. For those of us who still have operational servers, you may have stumbled upon one of the best films to hit Netflix over the weekend.


Quarantine Reviews: The Hunters (Official Review)

We’re still in the early stages of what will surely be one the most large-scale pandemics of our lifetimes. For many of us, that means a lot of isolation, a lot of time to fill, and no sports or usual forms of live entertainment. We want to do our small part by helping you pick the best shows and movies to help make your alone time as entertaining as possible. The first pick for our Quarantine Review Series is The Hunters.


Movies Coming to On-Demand Early

In light of the [many theater closings around the world and other changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there are a number of films coming to on-demand or streaming platforms early, some of which are skipping the theatrical release altogether. Check them out below!


New Trailers (Week 11, 2020)

If you're into new movie trailers, we've got a new batch of previews for your viewing enjoyment. Check out the best new trailers for Week 11, 2020!


Theaters Close and VOD Explodes

Things are moving quickly as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to change our way of life. How have the theater operators reacted? What will the studios do with their existing content and upcoming releases? Read on to hear the latest.