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Will J.J. Abrams Director's Cut of Star Wars Be Released?

With fans disappointed by the finale to the Star Wars movie franchise, word has gotten out about an alternate version - J.J. Abrams' own Director's Cut - but will it see the light of day?


New Movies Coming to Theaters (February 21-23, 2020)

There have been a few slower-than-normal weekends of late at the box office, but perhaps this weekend will bring things back up to par. Here is the new slate of popular movies coming to theaters this weekend:


New Trailers (Week 7, 2020)

If you're into new movie trailers, we've got a new batch of previews for your viewing enjoyment. Check out the best new trailers for Week 7, 2020!


The Best Movies on iTunes Right Now

If you're tired of waiting for streaming services to license great movies you missed in theaters or read about on the indie circuit, you can rent or buy the movies right now on iTunes. Here are the ten best movies you can find on iTunes that may have gone under the radar:


Downhill is the Worst Comedy of 2020 (Official Review)

At MovieRanker, we pride ourselves in positive coverage for movies, whether we like them or not, because making movies and, more crucially, marketing movies is hard. If a movie is made, it deserves to be seen, with few exceptions.


Sonic Speeds to the Top (Weekend Recap)

It's no surprise that Sonic the Hedgehog took the top spot at the weekend box office, but to gross nearly as much as Birds of Prey has over its two week run was a shock to experts. Two other newcomers made more than $12M in our latest weekend recap - check them out!


New Movies in Theaters (February 14-16, 2020)

Which movie that's coming to theaters this weekend best suits you? We have a new Will Ferrell comedy, an expensive CGI movie about a hedgehog, some horror shenanigans on an island, an olympic love story, and a love story surrounding a photograph. It is Valentine's Day weekend, I suppose. Check out your options below!


New Trailers (Week 6, 2020)

Another week, and another wave of new trailers for our viewing enjoyment! Check them out below and let us know which ones you're excited to watch!


Birds of Prey Wins the Weekend by Default (Weekend Recap)

In yet another disastrously slow weekend at the box office, only one new movie cracked the top ten, though it missed expectations by a sizable amount. Let's dive into our top ten and analyze what happened in the latest weekend recap.


Parasite Wins All the Oscars

The 2020 Oscars awards ceremony came and went, but not without more controversy, interesting speeches, incredible musical performances, and a whole lot of Parasite. Check out all the winners below!