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Netflix's LET IT SNOW is a Near-Perfect Original (Official Review)

Netflix now has not one, but two, new competitors in Apple+ and Disney+ from this month forward. November would clearly be a critical month to deliver solid programming and showcase quality original films in order to get a nod from subscribers.


New Movie Trailers of 2019 (Week 46)

Check out all the new movie trailers for week 46! And be warned - we've got a new CATS preview too!


Mickey and the Bear: A Dark Family Drama You Need to See (Official Review)

Every year, there are tens of thousands of indie film submissions to major film festivals, including Sundance, South by Southwest, Toronto, Cannes, Venice, and the like. Many of these indies, once they get through the circuit, are acquired by distributors or studios who then support the release of the movie, occasionally putting up additional marketing budgets to reach an audience and drive traffic into ticket sales or rentals.


Why Doctor Sleep Missed With Audiences (Official Review)

The film marketplace is more competitive than any point in time, not just with box office hits but with new streaming platforms outspending any one film campaign. But what's the real reason that Doctor Sleep missed expectations? Let's dive into our official review - don't worry, no spoilers!


Sonic Redesign Cost Paramount a Lot of Dough

You've probably heard by now that fans did not like the original design of Sonic the Hedgehog, leading Paramount to quickly move on fixing the CGI and giving Sonic a more polished look.


Ford v. Ferrari Speeds Past the Competition (Weekend Recap)

For the first time all year, nine different films made greater than $5M at the domestic box office over the weekend. Where did Charlie's Angels wind up compared to The Good Liar? Find out in our weekend recap below!


New Movies This Weekend (Nov. 15-17, 2019)

Competition is starting to heat up at the box office, with six new movies coming out that are all critically acclaimed. Let's dive right in.


Apple Plus' SEE is Blind to Its Flaws (Official Review)

Apple Plus went live on November 1st, 2019, to great fanfare and expectation. How would it compete in the streaming war and what would it open up with as the primetime original it wanted everyone to see? Perhaps appropriately, it named its first major television series See.


New Movie Trailers of 2019 (Week 45)

With Apple Plus and Disney Plus both live, we're now in an age of more content than any other point in history. Can you handle more? If so, start by checking out the new trailers for the week.


The Live Action Lady and the Tramp Movie Melts Hearts (Official Review)

Disney+ launched yesterday, crashed, and got things sorta working enough to watch movies (with some buffering issues, mind you). So how was one of their original films, the live-action version of Lady and the Tramp? Read on for our official review.