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Themes Of Isolation And Sharlto Copley’s Portrayal Of A Man’s Descent Into Madness Are The Highlights Of Flawed Unabomber Biopic, ‘Ted K’ (Official Review)

Is this cinematic rendering of “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski’s disturbing foray into violence worth checking out? Find out in our review.


Netflix’s Latest Mystery Thriller ‘The Wrath of God’ Falls Victim To Its Own Pretensions (Official Review)

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New Spanish Action Film ‘Centauro’ Is A Familiar Yet Stylish Bit Of Fun (Official Review)

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VFX Artist Phil Tippett Brings Nightmares To Life In His Long-Awaited, Stop-Motion Horror Epic, ‘Mad God’ (Official Review)

For a film that took 30 years to be completed, does ‘Mad God’ live up to expectations? Find out in our review.


New Tubi Thriller ‘The Stepmother’ Is A Passionless Reimagining Of A Classic 80’s Slasher Flick (Official Review)

What makes this reimagining of ‘The Stepfather’ so bad? Find out in our review.


Big Name Actors And Top Hollywood Filmmakers Aren’t Enough To Save Netflix’s ‘Spiderhead’ (Official Review)

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