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In Its Twenty-Fourth Season, ‘South Park’ Sends Up The Pandemic In An Amusing Riff On The Neverending Confusion Of Our Times

How does South Park Season 24 offer a welcome parody of pandemic confusion? Find out in our review.


Bruno Dumont’s Media Satire ‘France’ Meanders Into Sentimentality

Is Leá Seydoux’s powerful performance enough to make France worthy of a watch? Find out in our review.


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Now On Netflix, ‘The God Committee’ Tackles Life-Or-Death Decisions (Official Review)

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Netflix’s New Post-Apocalyptic Flick, 'The Colony,’ Doesn’t Quite Earn Its Keep (Official Review)

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'King Richard' Is A Captivating Sports Biopic Featuring Great Performances (Official Review)

What makes the rise of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams such good material for the big screen? Find out in our review.


Youth Skate Culture Tackles Youth Skate Culture in 'North Hollywood' (Official Review)

While great skaters might be passionate and self-taught, is that observation enough to form the basis for a full-length feature film? Find out in our review.