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New Trailers (Week 26, 2020)

If you're into new movie trailers, we've got a new batch of previews for your viewing enjoyment. Check out the best new trailers for Week 26, 2020!


Have Television Networks Given Up?

Maybe you've been too busy streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or any of the many new platforms of content. But for those you who have actually scrolled your TV Guide recently, you may feel like the television networks have given up.


New on Netflix (July 2020)

Check out everything new on Netflix for July 2020!


Ford v. Ferrari is More Than Just Cars (Official Review)

HBO has really picked up the slack for fans of movies, adding to its catalog in hopes to entertain us throughout and far after the pandemic comes to an end. Is Ford v. Ferrari one of their largest titles yet?


The Good Liar Has Its Moments (Official Review)

You may have begun to notice that there aren't as many options in your Sunday night lineup or on the upcoming calendar, both for shows and movies. Stranger Things 4 has been delayed indefinitely (production was interrupted in March 2020), and many previously wrapped shows won't air until this Fall. That leaves opportunities for movies like The Good Liar to get seen. Should you watch?


New Trailers (Week 25, 2020)

If you're into new movie trailers, we've got a new batch of previews for your viewing enjoyment. Check out the best new trailers for Week 25, 2020!


Workin' Moms is the Show You Didn't Know You Needed (Official Review)

If there was anything remotely positive to come out of the pandemic, it was the unintentional discovery of hidden gems - shows and movies that you could stream or rent (and potentially binge). Workin' Moms is one of those discoveries. Read on for our official review.


Dragged Across Concrete is The Best Thing You Missed (Official Review)

Movie-lovers have mixed feelings about Mel Gibson the person, but Mel Gibson the actor always delivers. That's what makes our review for Dragged Across Concrete so intriguing. Read on....


Number One Movie Had Zero Dollar Budget

Every filmmaker, from advanced to novice, has a dream of seeing their movie play on the big screen. Aside from awards, the next best thing would be to have the number one movie in a given week at the box office. This is normally impossible for an indie filmmaker on a low budget, let alone a zero dollar budget.


AMC to Reopen July 15

After months of speculation and governmental guidance, theaters are beginning to reopen worldwide. The largest chain, AMC, has finally provided formal communication to their members of the return. See below for the full letter.