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Is 'Euphoria' Too Racy For HBO?

Every few years, a new show comes along that pushes past the prior boundaries of cable-appropriate depictions of sex, drugs, and violence.


Sandler Aniston "Murder Mystery" Sets New Netflix Original Record

Netflix released a new original film, "Murder Mystery" to its streaming platform on Friday. And the world watched...


Will Big Lebowski Spin-off Inspire Others?

John Turturro stars in and will direct upcoming film, "Going Places", which is a spin-off from The Big Lebowski.


Netflix's Murder Mystery is a Fun Waste of Time (Official Review)

With the NBA and NHL seasons coming to a close, you may have found yourself with more time on your hands this week for new forms of entertainment.


'When They See Us' Shows the New Power Of Hollywood

Now that When They See Us has been streaming for over a week on Netflix, we can finally go into more depth on the true story and four-part mini-series.


Fox Searchlight Drops Ready or Not Horror Film Trailer

If you love horror films, have we got a perfect trailer for you to start your week! Check out the trailer for Ready or Not below.


Men in Black: International Wins a Slow Weekend at the Box Office

In the slowest weekend since mid-April, Men in Black: International led the way, hauling in over $102M worldwide and $28.5 domestically.


Weekend Preview: Will Men in Black: International Crack $100M?

With another wave of movies being released this weekend, the box office is starting to get a bit crowded.


Warner Bros. Drops Doctor Sleep Trailer

Want to know what Danny's adult life might look like after The Shining? Now you can! Check out the trailer to Doctor Sleep below.


Director Interview: Could Grant Sputore Be the Next Christopher Nolan?

Last week, the Netflix Original sci-fi film I Am Mother was released to acclaim from both critics and fans alike. We sat down with the Director, Grant Sputore, for an exclusive interview.