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Wine and War is a State of Mind (Official Review)

Having just finished Mark Johnston and Mark Ryan's incredible, eye-opening documentary, Wine and War, I was immediately struck with an embarrassing image in my on for our full review.


#Alive is the Best Zombie Film on Netflix (Official Review)

Netflix has some bad films and some great ones. #Alive is in the latter. Here's our review.


The Emoji Story is Entertaining and Educational (Official Review)

One of the most underrated documentaries of the year is The Emoji Story. Let's dive into our review!


New Trailers (Week 8, 2021)

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Golden Globes 2020 Winners List

Here are your 2020 Golden Globes winners..........


Billie Eilish Documentary is Personal and Revealing (Official Review)

Apple TV+ paid $25M+ for the rights to the Billie Eilish documentary. Is it a must-stream?


Crestone is All Gas, No Brakes (Official Review)

Some filmmakers use imagery to get the audience to dive in full-throttle to a new world. Crestone is one of those films.


New on Hulu (March 2021)

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The Bittersweet Butterflies of 1982 (Official Review)

There are events which define a generation. For some, it might be the Kennedy assassination or the war in Vietnam, 9/11. 1982, the directorial debut from music video producer Oualid Mouaness, seeks to illustrate one such event. In this case, the event in question is the first Lebanon war in (you guessed it!) 1982.