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Horror Streaming: Suspiria (Official Review)

If you like horror films, you've probably been googling like crazy to figure out what to stream on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Fortunately, we're here to help add (or eliminate) one from your list.


AMC Launches TVOD Service

Seemingly overnight, AMC Theaters launches an online transactional video-on-demand service, allowing A-List and Stubs members to purchase or rent major box office hits online.


Addams Family is Light Fun but Not for Everyone (Official Review)

If you're really into the Halloween spirit, there's likely enough "darkness" in The Addams Family to meet your criteria. Is it worth seeing at the theater? Read our review and find out.


El Camino is a Gift From Vince Gilligan

If you aren't a Breaking Bad fan, you can still enjoy the film, but the subtle nuances are what makes it worth it for die-hard fans of the TV series.


Addams Family Beats Gemini Man (Weekend Recap)

In our latest weekend recap, Abominable finds its animated match, Joker stays on top, and Gemini Man disappoints. Read on to see how the top ten fared this week!


The Need To Grow is Important and Educational (Official Review)

In a year where there have been countless documentaries, some are worth your time more than others. The Need To Grow is one that is well worth the 90 minute runtime.


Watch "The Need To Grow" for FREE! (Ends Oct. 15)

If you knew there was a documentary that could save the planet, and it didn't cost you anything to watch, would you stream it for free? You can! The movie is called "The Need To Grow", and it's available for free until October 15, 2019.


New Movies This Weekend (Oct. 11-13, 2019)

With Joker still selling out theaters each day, it's hard to believe we have new releases already hitting the box office. Gemini Man, Addams Family, Jexi and more are sure to take their crack at the top five.


John Kapelos Remembers John Hughes and The Breakfast Club’s Impact on his Career (MovieRanker Exclusive)

Over the past three-plus decades, John Kapelos has amassed a list of credits that would be the object of almost any working actor’s envy. From “Suits” to “Seinfeld,” you’ve undoubtedly seen him whether you know it or not.


New Movie Trailers of 2019 (Week 40)

We have some exceptional new movie previews to share with you today. Is it just us, or are trailers getting better every week?