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1917 is a Must-See (Official Review)

2019 was a rather rocky year for theaters, with mega-hits followed by mega-duds seemingly every other week. Films that we looked forward to fell short of expectations, while others deserved nothing more than a shoulder shrug. So when the Golden Globes Best Picture finally came out to a wide audience this past weekend, we perked up. Is 1917 worth the hype? Check out our official review below.


New Trailers (Week 2, 2020)

We don't have many yet, but there are some quality movie trailers that came out this week for your enjoyment. Check them out here!


Apple Plus' Servant is a Slow Roast of Boring (Official Review)

Typically when you have an eight-plus episode season of a new program, it's because the characters are too complex or the story too layered to tell over the course of a two hour film. With Apple Plus' Servant, just days ahead of the tenth (and final?) episode, we wonder why it was made at all. Let's dive into our official review.


Oscars Nominations 2020

With the Golden Globes behind us, the Oscars Academy Award nominations for 2020 have been released. With The Oscars set for February 9th, broadcasting on ABC, we'll have fireworks earlier this year than any of recent memory. Normally the Academy Awards takes place in late February or early March.


1917 Passes Star Wars (Weekend Recap)

In the first normal weekend of 2020, we have a new leader at the top of the weekend box office list in 1917. How did other newcomers Like a Boss and Underwater perform? Read on for our most recent update.


New Movies This Weekend (Jan. 10-12, 2020)

It's odd to have the 2019 Golden Globe winner for "best picture" premiering for the rest of the world starting tonight, but that's where we're at. The first "normal release weekend" of 2020 has some real winners and a few thuds along the way - here they are:


New Trailers (Week 1, 2020)

Happy New Year everyone! Every new year (and week) comes with a new slate of movie trailers - check them out below and let us know what you're most excited to see!


Ricky Gervais Proves Having A Host Is Better

At last year’s Academy Awards, the subject of who would host took up a lot of real estate in the headlines after some old tweets came back to haunt would-be host Kevin Hart, leading to the superstar comic stepping down. The show went on without a host and the feedback was very positive, overall.


The Two Popes (Official Review)

If you paid any attention to the Golden Globes nominations or awards, you surely saw Netflix Original, The Two Popes, nominated for a number of awards, including Best Motion Picture, Drama, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama (Jonathan Pryce), Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture (Anthony Hopkins) and Best Screenplay, Motion Picture (Anthony McCarten). Were they worthy nominations? Let's explore as we dive into our official review.


Golden Globe Winners (2020)

The 2020 Golden Globes awards ceremony took place on January 5th, 2020, and it had some shocking (and shocked) winners, interesting speeches, and a lot of incendiary comments from host and comedian Ricky Gervais.