MovieRanker began as a side project amongst friends with a deep passion for movies and quality entertainment. MovieRanker has a number of silent partners across entertainment, media, and technology sectors. Our vision is to become the #1 movie-related social media and discovery service in the world. The problems we wanted to solve were threefold:

1) Make it easier for people to discover movies that match their preferences.

With other sites or services, commercialization reigns supreme. Movies with the highest budgets, largest studio backers, or strongest critical acclaim are the most heavily promoted films. But many great movies are never seen or heard of. MovieRanker allows users to incorporate their own criteria into a comprehensive search database. For example, a user could search R-rated horror films from the last 10 years related to ghosts and then sort the results by Fans or Critics ratings.

2) Make it easier to share and receive movie recommendations.

Some sites offer a reference tool when looking up a specific movie or actor and general movie ratings. Some provide expert reviews from critics and basic lists. Some even provide a general voice to users and amateur critics. But none of these existing platforms make it easy to share or receive movie recommendations. MovieRanker gives users the ability to make recommendations privately or publicly, AND it allows users the ability to manage their profile so that they receive automated recommendations from MovieRanker that match their unique preferences.

3) Create a community of shared interest that allows for connectivity and curated content.

Most existing sites are not designed for movie discovery among friends or allow for robust socialization. Most movie-related sites do not incentivize users to interact with their service. MovieRanker rewards users the more they interact and connect with others. It provides relevant features for each person to not only discover movies but also people with shared interests. For example, a user could follow someone with similar tastes in movies and then receive automated recommendations from that person when they watch a new movie and add a review. As another example, a user looking for family-appropriate movies could post a forum asking for feedback from users with similar perspectives. Every user has the freedom to choose who they follow and what they care about most. Over time, the user experience will become more personalized than any other movie-related site can offer.

If you are interested in joining our mission or learning more, please contact us at info@movieranker.com.