Jurassic Park III

Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby go parasailing over the waters near Isla Sorna. The boat's crew disappears, prompting Ben to detach the line before the boat crashes. He and Eric drift towards the island. Eight weeks later, paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant has made a new discovery about the intelligence of Velociraptors, but struggles to secure funding for his research. Grant discusses his discovery of a resonating larynx on fossilized raptor remains with his longtime colleague Ellie. This, and his experience at Jurassic Park, leads him to believe that the original Velociraptors were socially sophisticated. He hypothesizes that if they had not gone extinct and continued to evolve, their descendants—rather than humans—would have become Earth's dominant species. His assistant Billy Brennan uses a 3D printer to replicate the Velociraptor larynx.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci Fi, Thriller
Country:United States
Produced By:Cheryl A. Tkach, Larry J. Franco, David Womark, Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy
Directed By:Joe Johnston
Written By:Peter Buchman, Michael Crichton, Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor
Cast:Téa Leoni, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Rona Benson, Blake Michael Bryan, Linda Park, Sonia Jackson, Taylor Nichols, Karin M. Gaarder, Trevor Morgan, Michael Jeter, Sarah Danielle Madison, Alessandro Nivola, Bruce French, Sam Neill, Frank Clem, Laura Dern, John Diehl, Edward C. Gillow, Bernard Zilinskas, William H. Macy, Rick Shuster, Craig Richards, Bruce A. Young, Mark Harelik
In Theaters:Jul 18, 2001
Runtime:1 hour 32 minutes
Production:Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment
Box Office:$181,171,875
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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