A Beautiful Mind

In 1947, John Nash arrives at Princeton University as co-recipient, with Martin Hansen, of the Carnegie Scholarship for mathematics. He meets fellow math and science graduate students Sol, Ainsley, and Bender, as well as his roommate Charles Herman, a literature student. Determined to publish his own original idea, Nash is inspired when he and his classmates discuss how to approach a group of women at a bar. Hansen quotes Adam Smith and advocates "every man for himself", but Nash argues that a cooperative approach would lead to better chances of success, and develops a new concept of governing dynamics. He publishes an article on his theory, earning him an appointment at MIT where he chooses Sol and Bender over Hansen to join him.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Biography, Drama
Country:United States
Produced By:Ron Howard, Aldric La'Auli Porter, Brian Grazer, Louisa Velis, Maureen Peyrot, Kathleen Mcgill, Karen Kehela Sherwood, Todd Hallowell
Directed By:Ron Howard
Written By:Sylvia Nasar, Akiva Goldsman
Cast:Phil Cirincione, Yvonne Thomas, Tracey Toomey, Reggie Austin, Teagle F. Bougere, Roy Thinnes, Alex Lorre, Jennifer Connelly, Todd Fredericks, Dan Chen, Robert Myers, Evan Hart, Vivien Cardone, Sean Dillon, Darius Stone, Matt Samson, Ron Howard, Austin Pendleton, Rance Howard, Tiffany Marz, Lyena Nomura, Michael C. Pierce, Jason Horton, Russell Gibson, Scott Fernstrom, Alessandro Tanaka, Douglas Taurel, Warner Wolf, John Blaylock, Liche Ariza, John H. Tobin, Victor Steinbach, Fabrizio Fante, Dave Sweeney, Michael Abbott Jr., Paul Bettany, Kent Cassella, Dory Manzour, Anthony Easton, Gregory Gordon, Ty Copeman, Michael Esper, Judd Hirsch, Vivian Kalinov, Ed Harris, Ned Stuart, Brian Smyj, Fileena Bahris, Anthony Rapp, Jennifer Weedon, Valentina Cardinalli, Erik Van Wyck, Russell Crowe, Mike Fitzgerald, Colby Ryan, Tommy Allen, Peter Bonilla, Charles McClelland, Jeffrey Christopher Todd, Thomas F. Walsh, Sean Bennett, Patrick Blindauer, Jesse Doran, Deborah Rayne, Tanya Clarke, Alex Toma, Charles Pendelton, Sean Reid, Michael Fiore, Adam Goldberg, Josh Lucas, Ryan Tygh, Josh Pais, James Thomas Bligh, Michael Tota, Jason Gray-Stanford, Jillie Simon, Cheryl Howard, Will Dunham, Jonah Falcon, Jon M. McDonnell, Mills Pierre, Carla Occhiogrosso, Tom McNutt, Scott Addison Clay, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rich Bryant, Stelio Savante, Christopher Plummer, Berly Ellis, Holly Pitrago, Jane Jenkins
In Theaters:Jan 04, 2002
Runtime:2 hours 15 minutes
Production:Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures, Imagine Entertainment
Box Office:$170,742,341
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