Show Boat

The musical's story spans about 40 years, from the late 1880s to the late 1920s. Magnolia Hawks (Irene Dunne) is an 18-year-old on her family's show boat, the Cotton Blossom, which travels the Mississippi River putting on shows. She meets Gaylord Ravenal (Allan Jones), a charming gambler, falls in love with him, and eventually marries him. Together with their baby daughter, the couple leaves the boat and moves to Chicago, where they live off Gaylord's gambling winnings. After about 10 years, he experiences an especially bad losing streak and leaves Magnolia, out of a sense of guilt that he is ruining her life because of his losses. Magnolia is forced to bring up her young daughter alone. In a parallel plot, Julie LaVerne (Helen Morgan) (the show boat's leading actress, who is part black, but passing as white) is forced to leave the boat because of her background, taking Steve Baker (Donald Cook) (her white husband, to whom, under the state's law, she is illegally married) with her. Julie is eventually also abandoned by her husband, and she becomes an alcoholic. Magnolia becomes a success on the stage in Chicago. Twenty-three years later, Magnolia and Ravenal are reunited at the theater in which Kim, their daughter, is appearing in her first Broadway starring role.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Country:United States
Produced By:Carl Laemmle Jr.
Directed By:James Whale
Written By:Oscar Hammerstein II, Edna Ferber, Zoe Akins
Cast:Lloyd Whitlock, J. Gunnis Davis, J. Farrell MacDonald, D'Arcy Corrigan, Tom Ricketts, Arthur Housman, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Hattie McDaniel, Maude Allen, Jane Keckley, Harry Watson, George Reed, Matthew Jones, LeRoy Prinz, Ernest Hilliard, Monte Montague, Elspeth Dudgeon, Helen Dickson, Betty Brown, Eddy Chandler, Daisy Bufford, Charles C. Wilson, Tiny Sandford, Barbara Bletcher, Lee Phelps, Marilyn Harris, Marilyn Knowlden, Donald Cook, Edward Peil Sr., Maxine Cook, Sammy White, Queenie Smith, Renee Whitney, Bobs Watson, Irene Dunne, Edmund Cobb, Charles Middleton, Arthur Hohl, Dennis O'Keefe, Donna Mae Roberts, Barbara Pepper, Jack Latham, Isabel La Mal, Martha Merrill, Selmer Jackson, Patricia Barry, Maidel Turner, Charles Winninger, Kathleen Ellis, E.E. Clive, Billy Watson, Delmar Watson, Helen Morgan, Sunnie O'Dea, Helen Jerome Eddy, Frank Mayo, Allan Jones, Donald Briggs, Paul Robeson, Marguerite Warner, Frank Whitson, Dorothy Granger, June Glory, Mary Stewart, Grace Cunard, Ricca Allen, Al Ferguson, Alma Ross, Clarence Muse, James P. Burtis, Mary Bovard, Georgia O'Dell, Jack Mulhall, May Beatty, Harold Waldridge, Harry Barris, Artye Folz, Anna Demetrio, William Alston, Forrest Stanley, Lois Verner, Brooks Benedict, Helen Westley, Harold Nelson, Stanley Fields, Francis X. Mahoney, Helen Hayward
In Theaters:May 17, 1936
Runtime:1 hour 53 minutes
Production:Universal Pictures
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