Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Following the events of Planet of the Apes, time-displaced astronaut Taylor and the mute Nova ride horseback through the desert of the Forbidden Zone in search of a new life far away from Ape City. Without warning, fire shoots up from the ground and deep chasms open. Confused by the strange phenomenon, Taylor investigates a cliff wall and disappears through it before Nova's eyes. The phenomenon disappears, leaving Nova alone.

MPAA Rating:G
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci Fi
Country:United States
Produced By:Arthur P. Jacobs, Mort Abrahams
Directed By:Ted Post
Written By:Pierre Boulle, Paul Dehn, Mort Abrahams
Cast:Eldon Burke, Paul Frees, David Watson, Jeff Corey, Lou Wagner, James Franciscus, Gregory Sierra, Victor Buono, Linda Harrison, Kim Hunter, Erlynn Mary Botelho, Bruce Fleischer, Dick Bullock, Maurice Evans, Edward Bach, Thomas Gomez, Stan Barrett, Paul Richards, Natalie Trundy, Don Pedro Colley, Army Archerd, Hank Robinson, Tod Andrews, James Gregory, Charlton Heston, James Bacon
In Theaters:May 26, 1970
Runtime:1 hour 35 minutes
Production:20th Century Fox, APJAC Productions
Box Office:$18,999,718
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