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Despite a few minor plot-holes, it's a great gritty reboot to the Bond franchise. It's always bothered me when many Bond movies didn't offer much character development (aside from Brosnan and Dalton's Bond, and maybe that Moore movie about the death of his newly wedded wife), so it's really a breath of fresh air when Martin Campbell decided to give a "Batman Begins" treatment for James Bond.Jul 05, 2019


If you never seen a Daniel Craig James Bond movie, go and watch them all. He is the Bond to beat. Action packed, no ignored situations that will make you say”Why did u do that, when you had that!” You know those situations. 3-egg steak omelette w/ salsa, hash browns w/texas pete, 3-stack of blueberry pancakes, 4-bacon strips & dont forget the coffee cream & sugar. Jan 22, 2019