jhkeilman added their review for A Little Princess: One of my all time favs!
jhkeilman added their review for Caddyshack II: You have to be a Chevy Chase fan to give this a 7. I grew up watchin him. He’s funny & Modern Problems is also a good one
jhkeilman added their review for Black Panther: I just watched this. Its a good movie with some back history, action, humor & great CGI......but i really think Forrest Wittaker should not have been in it. I think he is a great actor but not for the part he played. A small part no doubt but I wasn’t sold on his tribal accent. If it wasn’t for this I would have done 8 stars.
jhkeilman added their review for Edge of Tomorrow: I watched this movie soo many times. And like my other reviews im going to say it again. If i like a movie enough to watch it twice then its gotta be worth going to see & this is one of them. Cruise does a great job...finally! Cause all of his other sci-fi movies were just ok..but this one is a step above his others. Emily Blunt really does a great job. Now Im an action kinda guy. If ten ppl aren’t dead within 10mins of the movie then its not a good action movie. But this one makes up for that when the first battle happens. The alien creatures look original & its hard to come up with an original alien. 2-egg omelette, 3-bacon strips, 2-sauage links, 2-pancakes & dont forget the coffe
jhkeilman added their review for Russkies: Ok....I would never have thought to see this movie on here. I actually went to school with the black kid. His name is Stephan. We played football in at PAHS in Va Bch. and I hated how he always used his head like a spear to hit ppl. That shit hurt & i got on his ass about it too. But after our junior year i dint know what happened to him.
jhkeilman added their review for Wildcats: These older movies i watched when i was a kid plus in this one u will goldies boobs!
jhkeilman added their review for Jigsaw: Not as good as the first one Saw. But a movie to watch. I wouldn’t go out of my way to view this at all. A twist at the end but one can suspect the villain.
jhkeilman added their review for Battlefield Earth: This is one of the worst done my Travolta. Not worth it
jhkeilman added their review for Saw: I cant believe the first one on John Kramer has gotten only a 6. This first installment of many series is always the best one. This movie deserves at least 7 or 7.5.
jhkeilman added their review for Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Oh yea...another comic book movie. Now I dont go overboard about these type of movies...not comic con dress up over board, but if thats ur thing by all means go for it. I heard they have “MyLittle Pony” conventions!..but who am I to judge..right?. But i like the comic book movies, its soo great to see technology finally to be able to capture the color & the imagination of books...& with such realism...awesome movie to watch..dont forget the pop corn! Eggs benedict-the seafood one...& dont forget the coffe
jhkeilman added their review for Dreamcatcher: I tried reading this book but couldn’t get in to it. So i finally watched the movie but i swear i have seen it once before. But i had no idea that Donnie Wahlburg played Duddits! & Sgt Winters from Band of Brothers did an awesome job of playing Jonesy & switchin to Ister Gay(Mr.Gray Alien inside Jonesy), playing split personalities in a movie has to be difficult.
jhkeilman added their review for Bullitt: Steve McQueen is a mans man, what can i say...badass. The driving scene is rated as #1 car chase/driving. And I think McQueen did the driving. What also makes him a man...he use to spar with BRUCE LEE!!....yes he was a student of the martial artist and a great guy. Bruce Lee was going to purchase a Porsche and asked McQueen to give him a ride in his. The story goes is McQueen drove sooo radically Bruce was in the passengers floor board & very upset with McQueen. Bruce walked after that ride and did not buy the car! 3-eggs over easy, 2-buttered toast, 4-bacon strips, 2-saisage links & dont forget the coffe.
jhkeilman added their review for Minority Report: Not one of the better movies, but a good one to watch, the futuristic outlook of the movie is kinda cool.
jhkeilman added their review for The Fugitive: Awesome movie, action, great plot. Definitely a go and watch film.
jhkeilman added their review for Casino Royale: If you never seen a Daniel Craig James Bond movie, go and watch them all. He is the Bond to beat. Action packed, no ignored situations that will make you say”Why did u do that, when you had that!” You know those situations. 3-egg steak omelette w/ salsa, hash browns w/texas pete, 3-stack of blueberry pancakes, 4-bacon strips & dont forget the coffee cream & sugar.
jhkeilman added their review for Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Star Wars trilogy has tumbled after the first three. I watch them only bc of the story & the connection to the first three. But I Im going to be a little late never pay to watch them at the theatre. 1-egg, 1-pancake, 2-bacon strips & maybe some hashbrowns
jhkeilman added their review for Gone with the Wind: If you never seen this movie...its a movie to watch before u leave this world.
jhkeilman added their review for Avengers: Infinity War: I suggest watching all the comic book movies. Why?...bc the graphics are always cool to watch. The acting is always preety good but what I don’t like...well theres nothing..so go and watch it & let it just take u away. 3-egg steak omelette, 3-pancakes, 3-bacon strips, salsa, sour cream, hash browns w/ some texas pete & dont forget the coffee.
jhkeilman added their review for Man of Steel: Another great comic book movie! Definitely the better Superman flick. Although Superman’s adopted dad(Costner) should have been someone else...anyone other than Costner. A no-name actor would have been better....why? I’m glad i asked...to me, it seems the part(not a large role) was not a good role for Costner. I just don’t see him in a secondary role, it brings the movie down a notch. And one part that really really bothers me is the Tornado scene, Costner didn’t even try to survive after saving the dog. A pet-peeve of mine is I really can’t stand idiotic decisions made when overall i see see theres a better way.
jhkeilman added their review for Escape from the Planet of the Apes: I grew up on these old movies like this. If u havent seen it, then watch it at least once. Although, I believe u should watch any movie at least once. You cant judge a book by its cover. 2-eggs,2pancakes, 2-sausage links & coffee