Dressed in a flamboyant devil's outfit, Elton John enters an addiction rehabilitation session, and recounts his life in a flashback (The Bitch Is Back).

Young Elton (born Reginald Dwight) grows up in 1950s Britain, raised by his cold, unaffectionate mother, Sheila, and more loving grandmother Ivy. His father, Stanley, serves in the Royal Air Force and is mostly absent from home and his son’s life. Reginald is interested in music and piano and discovers his ability to “play by ear”—instantly replaying a piece perfectly after listening to it once. He hopes to perform for his father upon his return, but Stanley takes no interest in his son nor his talent (I Want Love).

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Musical, Music, Drama, Biography
Country:United Kingdom, United States, Canada
Directed By:Dexter Fletcher
Written By:Lee Hall
Cast:Tom Bennett, Tate Donovan, Gemma Jones, Taron Egerton, Kamil Lemieszewski, Richard Madden, Harriet Walter, Steven Mackintosh, Charlie Rowe, Viktorija Faith, Jess Radomska, Jamie Bell, Stephen Graham, Bryce Dallas Howard, Aston McAuley
In Theaters:May 31, 2019
Runtime:2 hours 1 minute
Production:Marv Films, Marv Studios, New Republic Pictures
Box Office:$96,226,939
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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