Netflix has given hit reality TV shows Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Rhythm + Flow the renewal green light as well as ordering up a new series from Marie Kondo called Sparking Joy. The reality TV portion of Netflix's vast streaming kingdom has been slowly growing in recent years, with the success of Love Is Blind and The Circle further cementing the genre's success established by shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and Queer Eye. Now, Variety confirms Netflix is bringing back its biggest and most recent reality TV hits for even more seasons. Love Is Blind …
It has been nearly a decade since Homeland debuted to critical acclaim on Showtime, now Carrie Mathison’s (Claire Danes) service to the United States is coming to an end with the eighth and final season. Originally adapted from Israeli series Prisoners of War, the political and global landscape has shifted both on-screen and in the real world. The rise of disinformation as a weapon featured heavily in the penultimate season and Russia has become a featured presence. Nevertheless, in Season 8, the Emmy Award-winning series is relying on some of the old hits: a seemingly endless war …
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Netflix's first reality series The Circle came out of the gate strong with compelling players. But some had better strategies than others.
Netflix's first reality series The Circle came out of the gate strong with compelling players. But some had better strategies than others.
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