Is the Oscar winner trying to win a game of great director bingo?
Zach Braff is set to direct The Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola for Escape Artists, and Florence Pugh is attached to star, multiple sources tell Collider. Braff will direct from an original screenplay by Mike Vukadinovich (Beetlejuice 2) that was voted to the 2014 Black List, so the script is highly regarded in industry circles. It gives Braff an opportunity to show what he can do with an epic love story that is of considerably greater scope and scale than Garden State. The film, which takes places over decades, follows twin brothers with opposite personalities who are separated at a …
Just after last night’s revealing episode of True Detective, HBO dropped the trailer for next week’s Season 3 finale—and there is a lot still up in the air. Episode 7 kind of laid out all the pieces of this engrossing season thus far, setting up Michael Rooker as the head of Hoyt Foods and our potential Big Bad. We saw that Wayne (Mahershala Ali) and Hoyt came into contact in 1990, which offers up even more questions as to why Wayne is participating in the docuseries interviews in the 2015 storyline. Is he still looking for the …

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