The Circle

Through her friend Annie, Call center intern Mae Holland secures a customer support position at The Circle, a tech and social media company. Mae's friend Mercer is less supportive. Mae takes the job, hoping to support her parents, particularly her father who suffers from multiple sclerosis. At a company meeting, CEO Eamon Bailey introduces SeeChange, which uses small cameras placed anywhere to provide real-time high-quality video. Mae rises quickly in The Circle, embracing social networking and meeting Ty Lafitte, who displays suspicion of other, more enthusiastic employees. At another company presentation emphasizing the need for accountability in politics, The Circle's Chief Operating Officer, Tom Stenton, introduces a political candidate who has agreed to open her daily workings to the public through SeeChange. Mae meets Ty again and he takes her to an area containing the cloud server where all information collected by SeeChange is to be kept. Mae is embarrassed when she realizes that Ty is the creator of True You, a popular Circle product, and she had not recognized him. He tells her that True You has grown out of his control, and its current utilization is not what he intended.