After a Paris operation fails on her watch, Central Intelligence Agency interrogation officer Alice Racine works undercover at a community centre in London. The area is known for Islamic extremism, and she passes on intel to the security services, including MI5 Intelligence Chief Emily Knowles. Racine's former station chief and mentor Eric Lasch tells her she should not feel guilty for the Paris deaths and needs to get back into the field. The CIA and MI5 learn that radical imam Yazid Khaleel plans a biological attack on an American target on British soil in collaboration with American-born Islamic convert David Mercer. Frank Sutter, an officer from the CIA's London Station, tells her she has orders from Europe Division Chief Bob Hunter to help them interrogate and break Khaleel's captured courier, Lateef.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Action, Thriller
Country:Czech Republic, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
Produced By:Kevan Van Thompson, Andrew Boswell, Cort Kristensen, Laura Julian, Peter Hampden, Erik Howsam, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Claudia Bluemhuber, Georgina Townsley, Norman Merry
Directed By:Michael Apted
Written By:Peter O'Brien
Cast:Emilio Aniba, Booda, Adam Horton, Joe Weintraub, Dan Bradford, Rami Nasr, Logan Hillier, Helena Dvoráková, Toni Collette, Lee Nicholas Harris, Makram Khoury, Noomi Rapace, Raffaello Degruttola, Michael Epp, Kendrick Ong, Jessica Boone, Tosin Cole, Tom Reed, Kevin Shen, Brian Caspe, Jim High, James Grogan, Mohammed Ali, David Bowles, Akshay Kumar, Orlando Bloom, Adelayo Adedayo, Philip Brodie, Aymen Hamdouchi, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich
In Theaters:Sep 01, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 38 minutes
Production:Bloom, Czech Anglo Productions, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Grindstone Entertainment Group, Lipsync Productions
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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