Jesse Owens, a promising black American runner, attends Ohio State University, despite facing racial discrimination and slurs from the white athletes. He attracts the attention of coach Larry Snyder, who believes Owens has enormous potential but needs work on his form and technique. When Snyder suggests he is good enough to compete at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, Owens is interested, but hesitant because of racial propaganda in Nazi Germany. The U.S. Olympic Committee is already considering boycotting the Olympics over Germany's discriminatory policies, only agreeing to participate when Nazi official Joseph Goebbels gives personal assurances they will allow foreign athletes of any race to compete, as well as promising to rein in their propaganda. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Biography, Drama, Sports
Country:Canada, France, Germany
Produced By:Dominique SÉGuin, Morgan Emmery, Louis-Philippe Rochon, Al Munteanu, Scott Kennedy, Jonathan Bronfman, Mark Slone, David Garrett, Jean Eichenlaub, Luc Dayan, Kate Garwood, Morgan Menahem, Thierry Potok, Karsten BrÜNig, Christophe Charlier, Jean-Charles Levy, Nicolas Manuel, Solly Azar, Stephen Hopkins
Directed By:Stephen Hopkins
Written By:Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse
Cast:Amanda Crew, Matthias Günther, Karen Belfo, Dondre Octave, Giacomo Gianniotti, Carlo Mestroni, Jonathan Aris, Adrian Zwicker, Lucinda Davis, Frank Schorpion, Andrew Moodie, Kristina Sandev, Larry Day, Jacquy Bidjeck, Anthony Sherwood, Karl Graboshas, Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Tony Curran, Chantel Riley, David Kross, John Maclaren, Milo Larratt, Glynn Turman, Shamier Anderson, Marc Primeau, Shanice Banton, Alexander Yassin, Jeremy Ferdman, Jonathan Higgins, Jeremy Irons, Mark Falvo, Ricky Watson, Chris Theisinger, Steffen Mennekes, Nicholas Woodeson, Justus Carrière, Arthur Holden, Manuel Sinor, Jon McLaren, Carice Van Houten, Jesse Bostick, Jaa Smith-Johnson, Marcus Bluhm, Stephan James, Gaetan Normandin, Tim McInnerny, Bruno Bruni Jr., Jason Sudeikis, Anian Zollner, Nina Lauren, Daniel Harroch, Eli Goree, Vlasta Vrana, Jeff Burrell, Yvanna-Rose Leblanc, Sylvia Stewart, Matt Keyes, Barnaby Metschurat, Michèle Lonsdale Smith, William Hurt, Tim Post, Ricardo Ewert, Michael Bornhütter, Jacob Andrew Kerr
In Theaters:Feb 19, 2016
Runtime:2 hours 14 minutes
Production:Forecast Pictures, ID+, Jesse Race Productions Quebec
Box Office:$19,097,994
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