American Made

In the late 1970s, Barry Seal, a pilot for commercial airline TWA, is contacted by CIA case officer Monty Schafer. He asks Seal to fly clandestine reconnaissance missions for the CIA over Central America using a small plane with cameras installed.

Later in the 1970s, Schafer asks Seal to start acting as a courier between the CIA and General Noriega in Panama. During a mission, the Medellín Cartel picks Seal up and asks him to fly cocaine on his return flights to the United States. Seal accepts and starts flying the cartel's cocaine to Louisiana. The CIA turns a blind eye to the drug smuggling, but the DEA tracks Seal down. To avoid the authorities, Schafer moves Seal and his family to a remote town in Arkansas called Mena. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Action, Crime, Drama, Biography, Thriller, History, Comedy
Country:United States
Produced By:Paris Kasidokostas Latsis, Doug Davison, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Allen Liu, Kim Roth, Jean-Luc De Fanti, Christopher Woodrow, AndrÉS CalderÓN, Terry Dougas, Lauren Selig, Brian Oliver, Brandt Andersen, Ray Angelic, Chevy Chen, Alison Winter, Tyler Thompson, Michael Bassick, Michael Finley, Johnny Lin, Ryan Ahrens
Directed By:Doug Liman
Written By:Gary Spinelli
Cast:Domhnall Gleeson, Hans Marrero, Leslie Danielsen, Shaker Sangam, Nargis Aniston, Jesse Plemons, Sarah Wright, Juan Gaspard, Matt Mercurio, Jayson Warner Smith, John Archer Lundgren, Eric McCrea, Omar Lagudali, Stephen Dean, William Mark McCullough, DeVere Jehl, David Zalkind, Mike Pniewski, Benito Martinez, Gralen Bryant Banks, Daniel Diaz, Justice Leak, Alex Collins, Jody Mullins, David Silverman, Mandy Oakes, Billy James, Michael Mercaldi, Tony Beard, Rhes Low, Jon Arthur, Ruben Vidal, Beverley Simmons, Jonathan Yaskoff, Richard Molina, Hayley H. Long, Robert Hatch, George Pringle, Courtney Lakin, Jonah Bowling, Luis Sanchez, William Curtis Coppersmith, E. Roger Mitchell, Alejandro Edda, Jeff Olsen, Jim Gleason, Fred Galle, Callan Wilson, Jay Oliver, Bill Billions, Kevin L. Johnson, April Billingsley, Dorry Marie, Jonathan Tabler, Robert Farrior, Alicia Davis Johnson, Christopher Robert, Rob Muller, Robert Lloyd Moore, Anna Phillips, William Frasca, Brandon Stacy, Lola Kirke, Jayma Mays, Mickey Sumner, Scott Everett, Connor Trinneer, Scott Poythress, Tony Guerrero, Morgan Hinkleman, Corey Jason Thomas, Sharon Conley, Bradley Bowen, Robert Pralgo, Steve Coulter, Dino Dos Santos, Chris Angerdina, Derrick Gilbert, Bryan Michael Hall, Lauren Boyd, Robert Larriviere, Frank Licari, Lauren Revard, John L. Armijo, Caleb Landry Jones, Darla Delgado, Slim Khezri, Kayla Perkins, Jed Rees, Lara Grice, Dawlish Carmauta, Andrew R. Kaplan, Chris Gann, Cameron Padgett, Tom Cruise, Inder Kumar, Alpha Trivette, Brett Beoubay
In Theaters:Sep 29, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 55 minutes
Production:Cross Creek Pictures, Imagine Entertainment, Quadrant Pictures
Box Office:$51,219,770