The story centers on Claire Bennett (Aniston) as she struggles to come to terms not only with the aftermath of the car accident that killed her son and left her partially disabled by chronic pain, but also with the suicide of Nina Collins (Kendrick), a woman from her chronic pain support group. As time flies by, Claire starts visualizing Nina several times leading to short conversations. as the drug effects diminish, she returns to the present. By blackmailing Annette from her support group, she procures Nina's address and befriends her husband Roy. Silvana, her helper and driver is very loyal and dutiful. Since the accident, Claire dared not to sit up erect in her car, so Silvana drives her anywhere. Also, she is taking physiotherapy practices to improve her condition. Later, in her dream, Nina comes to her with a cream scratch cake with lit candles. She explains her guilt of not having been able to make a birthday cake for her son due to chronic pain. The film documents how Claire's pain and grief affect her behavior, her relationships with other people, and her ability to function from just after Nina's death until she reaches a breakthrough point in her own path. Read more on Wikipedia.