In 479 BC, one year after the Battle of Thermopylae, Dilios, a hoplite in the Spartan Army, begins his story by depicting the life of Leonidas I from childhood to kingship via Spartan doctrine. Dilios's story continues and a Persian herald arrives at the gates of Sparta demanding "earth and water" as a token of submission to King Xerxes—the Spartans reply by throwing the envoy and his escort into a deep well. Leonidas then visits the Ephors, proposing a strategy to drive back the numerically superior Persians through the Hot Gates. His plan involves building a wall in order to funnel the Persians into a narrow pass between the rocks and the sea: negating the Persian advantage in numbers, and giving Greeks heavy infantry the advantage over the vast waves of Persian light infantry. The Ephors consult the Oracle, who decrees that Sparta will not go to war during the Carneia. As Leonidas angrily departs, an agent from Xerxes appears, rewarding the Ephors for their covert support.

MPAA Rating:R
Country:United States, Canada, Bulgaria
Produced By:Ben Waisbren, Deborah Snyder, Bernie Goldmann, Silenn Thomas, Nathalie Peter-Contesse, Steve Barnett, William Fay, Gianni Nunnari, Wesley Coller, Mark Canton, Frank Miller, Thomas Tull, Jeffrey Silver, Craig J. Flores, Josette Perrotta, Scott Mednick
Directed By:Zack Snyder
Written By:Michael Gordon, Zack Snyder, Frank Miller, Kurt Johnstad, Lynn Varley
Cast:Vincent Regan, Eli Snyder, Stewart Myiow, Sabrina-Jasmine Guilbault, Rodrigo Santoro, Danielle Hubbard, Patrick Sabongui, Stéphanie Aubry, Caroline Aspirot, Duy Vo Van, Marie-Julie Rivest, Deke Richards, Atif Y. Siddiqi, Lena Headey, James Bradford, Dave Lapommeray, Tim Connolly, Robin Wilcock, Stephen McHattie, Kwasi Songui, Gerard Butler, Tom Wisdom, Jean Michel Paré, Isabelle Champeau, Greg Kramer, Giovani Cimmino, Andrew Pleavin, David Schaap, Bonnie Mak, Michael Fassbender, Marcel Jeannin, Tyler Neitzel, Andrew Tiernan, Arthur Holden, Alex Ivanovici, Charles Papasoff, Elisabeth Etienne, Agnieshka Wnorowska, Dominic West, Maéva Nadon, Darren Shahlavi, Andrew Shaver, Michael Sinelnikoff, John Dunn-Hill, Kent McQuaid, Stephania Gambaroff, David Francis, Dennis St John, Robert Maillet, Jere Gillis, Gary A. Hecker, Kelly Craig, Marc Trottier, Ruan Vibegaard, Dylan Smith, Tyrone Benskin, David Wenham, Peter Mensah, Sebastian St. Germain, Neil Napier, Tom Rack, Maurizio Terrazzano, Jeremy Thibodeau, Mercedes Leggett
In Theaters:Mar 09, 2007
Runtime:1 hour 57 minutes
Production:Warner Bros., Legendary Entertainment, Virtual Studios, Hollywood Gang Productions, Atmosphere Entertainment MM, Mel's Cite du Cinema, Nimar Studios
Box Office:$210,614,939
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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