Unfinished Business

After an argument with his boss Chuck Portnoy (Sienna Miller) of Dynamic Systems, Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn), decides to leave and start his own business in the metal swarf-selling field. Tim McWinters (Tom Wilkinson), who was fired for being too old, and Mike Pancake (Dave Franco), who was there for an interview, follow Dan and join his new company. A year later, Dan's business, Apex Select, has barely gotten off the ground. In a Dunkin' Donuts, Dan gets a message to go on a business trip to Portland to meet with investors Jim Spinch (James Marsden) and Bill Whilmsley (Nick Frost), the latter being a friend of Dan's.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Country:United States
Produced By:Henning Molfenter, Steve Tisch, Todd Black, David J. Bloomfield, Charlie Woebcken, Arnon Milchan, Jason Blumenthal, Christoph Fisser, Jasmin Torbati, Anthony Katagas
Directed By:Ken Scott
Written By:Steve Conrad
Cast:Christian Sengewald, Frowin Wolter, David Brückner, Isabel B. Lirag, Eray Egilmez, Leonard Carow, Bonita Friedericy, Stephanie Atkinson, Melanie Blake Roth, Volker Wackermann, Patrick Vincent Curran, Sienna Miller, Patrick Pinheiro, Kadian Clarke, Susan Garibotto, Brian Faherty, Rosemary Howard, Remington Keyes, Gary Roscoe, Sarah Randall Hunt, Kimberly Howe, Dennis Oestreich, Christopher Eaton, Alexander Yassin, Marc Zwinz, Heidi Philipsen, Kasia Malinowska, Dave Franco, Chris Theisinger, Austin Ryan, Ken Scott, Claudina Hoff Ter Heide, Michael Tow, Vince Vaughn, Carmen Lopez, Steven Dougherty, Amanda Blattner, Phyllis A. Gordon, Ken Kansky, Thomas Braun, Hashim Lafond, Alin Halajian, Jeffrey Corazzini, Terry Conforti, Lauren Laperriere, James Marsden, Golo Euler, Jim Boyd, Elaine Victoria Grey, Anastasia Sanidopoulos Mousis, Rebecca Olejniczak, Britton Sear, John Franchi, Hannah Yun, Simone Hanselmann, Anian Zollner, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Richard Pacheco, Paul Melendy, Jil Funke, Rainer Reiners, Ella Anderson, Lino Tanaka, David Akinloye, Melissa McMeekin, London Hall, Antonia Putiloff, Bobby Kenney, Curtis Eames, Tom Wilkinson, Glenn W. Kane, Michael Krabbe, Jonathan Gyles, Luke Ryan, Wendy Kay, Larry Eudene, June Diane Raphael, Joseph Oliveira, Sven Gerhardt, Clement Von Franckenstein, Nick Frost, Jaimie Tucker, Leah Procito
In Theaters:Mar 06, 2015
Runtime:1 hour 31 minutes
Production:New Regency Productions, Escape Artists, Studio Babelsberg
Box Office:$10,219,501
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