Gemini Man

Henry Brogan, an aging government assassin, is sent on a mission to assassinate an anonymous terrorist aboard a bullet train. During the mission, Henry's spotter warns him of a young girl approaching the target, causing Henry to delay his shot until the last second, shooting the man in the neck despite aiming for his head. Disillusioned with killing, Henry retires from government service.

While adjusting to retirement, Henry meets boat rental manager Dani and reconnects with an old friend, Jack, who reveals that an informant named Yuri told him that the man Henry killed was innocent; demanding proof, Henry has Jack arrange a meeting with Yuri. In retaliation for Henry knowing their deception, agency director Lassiter plans to kill him; Clay Varris, head of a top-secret black ops unit codenamed "GEMINI", request permission to eliminate him but is denied.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Drama, Sci Fi, Thriller
Country:United States, China
Directed By:Ang Lee
Written By:Christopher Wilkinson, Stephen J. Rivele, Jonathan Hensleigh, David Benioff, Billy Ray, Andrew Niccol, Darren Lemke
Cast:Daniel Salyers, Linda Emond, Theodora Miranne, Will Smith, Ralph Brown, Tim Connolly, Benedict Wong, Fernanda Dorogi, Douglas Hodge, Clive Owen, Alexandra Szucs, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ashton Tatum, Björn Freiberg, Chris Goad, Justin James Boykin, Kenny Sheard, David Shae, Shiquita James
In Theaters:Oct 11, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 57 minutes
Production:Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Skydance Media, Fosun Group Forever Pictures
Box Office:$46,834,069
Available On:Vudu
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