David Rice lives lavishly on stolen money acquired from using his superability to "jump," particularly into and out of bank vaults. He is being hunted by the Paladins, a secret society of religious fanatics who are sworn to trace and kill "Jumpers" for their alleged omnipresence which they find blasphemous. Roland Cox, current leader of the Paladins, learns of David's identity from Mark, who bullied David in high school, after a bar fight results in David jumping them into a bank vault. David and his high school crush Millie go to Rome, keeping his ability a secret. When they visit the Colosseum, David meets Griffin, another Jumper before the two are confronted by two Paladins whom Griffin casually kills. David is detained by Italian police and questioned about the deaths, but escapes with the help of David's mother, Mary, who left him when he was five. Millie, upset and afraid when David tries to skirt around the issue, demands to know the truth. David declines and fearing for her safety, puts her on a plane home.