unluckyguy77 added their review for Wonder Woman: This is Wonder Woman in all her gloryWonderWoman movie is simply amazing. It doesn't hold back, it pulls out all the stops, it doesn't reserve some parts for a potential sequel, it fully gives you this iconic Amazonian Warrior princess in all her glory. You'll be constantly blown away by what she can do because the film is constantly eager to show them to you. Gal Gadot has cemented her star power and the DC Cinematic Universe has redeemed themselves through "Wonder Woman."Starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, David Thewlis, directed by Patty Jenkins, before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons trained to be an unconquerable warrior in the mythical island of Themyscira. But Diana is unaware of her true identity. When an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive war raging in the outside world, Diana feels compelled to join him and fight alongside mankind to stop the threat and kill who she blames to be the cause of such destruction, the god of war Ares.Because it's a DC movie, much of the visual and the style of "Wonder Woman" is what you'd expect from a DC movie. But what's great about this one, which by the way the other installments unfortunately failed to do, is that "Wonder Woman" manages to inject entertainment, so it's not all brooding and dark and depressing like the way they've turned boyscout Superman into.And I think much of that is thanks to the fish-out-of-water aspect. This is a woman who comes from a place which has a significantly different culture than ours. And halfway through the end, the fish-out-of-water aspect becomes less about literally not fitting in and more about her misunderstood perception of us, mankind. So perhaps "Wonder Woman" is an example of a success story that happens when you don't give all the control to Zack Snyder and when studio heads don't meddle with the mythology and the filmmaker's vision and when things are not forced or rushed. The result is a story which you can tell has been given a considerable amount of thought process.Any doubt anybody may have had about Gal Gadot playing this role will fade away the minute she steps into the screen. Not only does she look the part, she's absolutely gorgeous, her acting is sharp, she also performs the action sequences with strength and elegance. She becomes Wonder Woman, they are now inseparable, just like we're all going to have a hard time imagining somebody else other than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan. This is Wonder Woman's debut on the big screen, billions of girls and women on earth look up to her as their hero, they have been anticipating this moment for years, so it is a huge responsibility, one that I think Gadot gracefully carries. Kudos to WB and DC Entertainment for entrusting this to female filmmaker Patty Jenkins who does an excellent job because more than just it being a great superhero film, "Wonder Woman" is a very well-made film. It's spectacular in every sense of the word.
unluckyguy77 added their review for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Something to consider. this is the first movie in a planned MCU like universe. Not a standalone movie.Bottom line - Go see this movie for yourself, if you're someone who loves looking at reviews. You can safely disregard them in this case.
unluckyguy77 added their review for Alien: Covenant: Like the video game crash of 1983, maybe one day, one day soon there will be a movie industry crash when people won't even bother going to see any more crappy sequels/prequels, unnecessary reboots, and other misleading bad creations of Hollywood, this is not entertainment, it's a just a kick in the brain.I feel bad for every Alien fan out there, I found nothing to enjoy here. The direction they took the Alien lore is just... dull, even Prometheus was more enjoyable.Alien Covenant - a waste of talent, time and money.
unluckyguy77 added their review for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: The fifth installment of the Pirates-series is by all means a step up from the fourth. In all film-series, when a sequel is released it's mandatory to compare it to the best one - which in this case arguably everyone agrees is the first one. That may be unfair, but it's the reality. Now.Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge does give us some spectacular moments. The visual effects really is astonishing, and some of the scenes is beyond anything I have ever seen before. That's impressing. But that's not why I like Pirates of the Caribbean. What I expect (hope) from a Pirates-film is elegant and witty dialog, compelling sea- battles and Jack Sparrow on fire. And this last bit I think is the biggest reason why this one fails to deliver. In my opinion, Johnny Depp has lost his way as captain Jack. And I think that's natural, after all, it's been 13 years since he first portrait the character. He's gotten older and that really shows. This, combined with a really poor script, regarding Jack at least, makes it all fall apart. Half the time he's completely drunk (really drunk, not just usual Jack-tipsy) and half the time he tells bad jokes which really is beneath a genius character like Jack Sparrow. The film starts on a positive note. I had good hopes that it could go somewhere, but mid- way through the story starts to split up and it didn't really have a good rhythm to it. In addition I think there are a lot of characters that just don't do anything to the story or adds humor or dynamic. The decision to bring back Orlando Bloom to play Will Turner is fundamentally a good one, but I'm so disappointed with he's involvement in the film. It seems Disney only took him back to promote the film and lure old fans back for more. If he's to be involved, he should have a major role. Javier Bardem does a good job as villain, but nothing I will remember him by. All in all, I would say that I am disappointed. I didn't have huge expectations to begin with, but where I thought the film would deliver, it just didn't. Basically it's a film for the technical wizards to show how much they can do in terms of visual effects , and they can do a lot. It's just not what I want.
unluckyguy77 added their review for The Nice Guys: The Nice Guys is written and directed by Shane Black and stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as two detectives who try to solve a case regarding a missing girl and the death of a porn actress in Los Angeles during the 70s.I'm a big Shane Black fan ever since my childhood, with Lethal Weapon being one of my all-time favorites. After that I followed his career, and I have to say, he is a really great writer/director. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is another great movie which he wrote and directed which some might argue it brought Robert Downey Jr. back in the center of the attention, and before the whole Marvel business started. Black is great at writing buddy comedies with crime and mystery touches and The Nice Guys is one of his best works to date.First of all, the two main actors, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, have an amazing on-screen chemistry. Crowe plays Jackson Healy, a by-the-book though guy enforcer type who you call when want to have someone taken care of. Crowe is now over 50 in real life, his age is starting to show, but he embraces that completely in this film. He is a little overweight and some of the action scenes he pulls might not look that believable, but he is absolutely perfect in this role. Ryan Gosling took a break from the more silent type roles (Drive, Place Beyond the Bines) which were becoming a bit too much for me and instead takes a comedic turn in this movie. He has some of the funniest lines, he gets in the craziest situations and yet there's also a dark side to him, having some drinking problems and at the same time trying to raise his daughter (Angouire Rice), who is wise beyond her years.The story itself is not the most original and unique, it doesn't really break new ground and you can solve the mystery on your own while watching the movie. As soon as one character was introduced, I immediately put the clues together. But that's okay, it doesn't really need to do all those things. We were not promised some original concept or never before seen plot, we were promised an action comedy that offers two great characters and a very clever script.What I truly love about this movie is how simple it actually is. It's not part of a huge franchise, it's not a CGI fest, there are no superheroes, there are no flying cars, we just follow two guys trying to solve a mystery. It really goes back to the 80-90s era, when we had some great action-comedies like the Lethal Weapon franchise or Beverly Hills Cop. It's a nice breath of fresh air with some clever dialogue, noir elements, good action and two perfect stars in the main roles. The Nice Guys is a nice surprise and it deserves a 9 out of 10!
unluckyguy77 added their review for The Dark Knight Rises: As this movie was the most awaited movie of the decade, I obviously wanted to watch it as soon as possible. My friend won some contest online and so, I got to watch it a few days earlier FOR FREE.The movie is everything you want it to be. The story is very well told and there is enough of Nolan-kind twists. Tom Hardy has some powerful lines as Bane but the enhanced voice doesn't work at all. But, he still does his character justice and performs to his full potential. For the first time in the trilogy, Batman wasn't the strongest. This gave a chance to Christian Bale to show off his acting skills without the mask and he did a fine job. The veterans Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine went about their job as if it was just another day at the office. But, a major surprise was Joseph Gordon-Levitt who portrays an ordinary police officer and pulls of an unexpectedly awesome performance. The special effects, sound and action were out of the world. Nolan spent a lot of money and he made it visible in the movie. The movie connects all the dots from the previous movies and provides a fitting end to the saga. Although, personally I liked The Dark Knight better. But, TDKR certainly came very close it.Finally, I would like to thank Christopher Nolan for portraying Batman in a way no one ever thought was possible and for making one the best trilogy of all time.
unluckyguy77 added their review for La La Land: Amazing!
unluckyguy77 added their review for Sing: Sing is the most enjoyable of the musical computer-animated movies we've seen this year!
unluckyguy77 added their review for Passengers: Professional film critics are stupid. That is the conclusion you must reach after watching this movie. I was not expecting much after reading the uniformly negative critical reviews. But I was surprised. The movie is plausible. It is more than plausible, it is realistic. And the acting is so eminent that you are there yourself trying to decide what you would do if you awoke on a fully autonomous spaceship trying to figure out what is going on.Granted, there are no alien horror creatures, no protracted fast-action sequences, no superficial technical nonsense to cover a thin plot. Maybe this is what the critics were missing.There is only beautiful scenes, eminent acting, a plausible plot and a surprising ending. But that was enough for me.So go watch this movie and decide for yourself how implausibly stupid the film critics are.