jack1978 added their review for Revenge: Another French gem in there amazing array of graphic horror. Jess is a girl invited to a house in the desert with her rich boyfriend. When the party of two becomes four and Jess is raped by her boyfriends work mate she is pushed off a cliff in an attempt to cover the crime only for her to survive and hunt them down one by one. Lots of gore, excellent performances and a victim who we want to win pushes this much in the same vein ad Youre Next
jack1978 added their review for Ghost Stories: A good movie with a thought provoking horror. This movie consista of three ghost cases investigated by a skeptic which appear to be related. Naturally the full reveal comes at the end. Based more of moody and atmospheric horror rather than the usual blood and gore so turn down the lights and enjoy something just a little different
jack1978 added their review for The Spy Who Dumped Me: Better than average comedy which pokes fun at all those spy movies. Kunis stars as Audrey, a woman who gets thrust into the spy life after her boyfriend who is a spy dumps her and gets killed in her apartment McKiinon stars as her best friend - an over the top best friend whose mouth runs a million miles an hour. With plenty of twists and laughs this is the type of film to sit back on a Saturday night and enjoy
jack1978 added their review for Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D: While better than the second and third with some high concept ideas this movie is still very by the numbers foray into family movie territory. Featuring a brand new cast with some cameos by some of the series favourite this movie will entertain the younget ones and maybe keep you semi interested. At least the special effects are better than the last two.
jack1978 added their review for I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House: A real slowburner of a movie that is more arthouse than horror. When a nurse is employed to look after an incapcitated woman in a old creepy house she finds out there is something else living with them. Long lingering shots and a different filter of colors make the shots beautiful to watch but painfully slow to its inevitable conclusion you can pick 10 minutes into the film. Not one of Netflix best
jack1978 added their review for Mandy: One of my new favourite horror movies with Cage blitzing it as the haunted yet psychotic angel of death chasing after those who killed his wife. Artistic and creative this is a call back to the early 70s grindhouse movies where style was as important as substance. Cage is exceptional with his best role in years and this one movie I shall be re watching a number of times.
jack1978 added their review for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane: A run of the mill horror aka slasher flick that is disappointing due to the terrible twist as well as the promise that is never upheld of the movie. Heard stars as the title character as a girl all the boys want who goes away with a group of college people for a break. Problem is someone starts picking them off one by one Deaths are so so and not exactly imaginative and it is fairly easy to pick who goes next. Such a shame for such a high concept idea
jack1978 added their review for Aquaman: This movie proves DC are coming. After the success of Wonder Woman and the Ok Justice League, James Wan provides us with this epic and crazy ride. Momoa is Arthur a meta human who must try and save Atlantis and the world from the evil plans of his brother, Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson). With the help of Princess Mera (Amber Heard), Arthur must retrieve powerful trident while avoiding the clutches of super villian Black Manta and unite the ocean world Epic scenes and over the top battle scenes means this is one must watch super hero movie
jack1978 added their review for Yoga Hosers: Trying to make horror and comedy come together is a real art form and they failed at both of these. Not horrifying nor funny make this movie a tedium watch. When two of the ost obnoxious teens try and save there deli and the world from sausage nazis (I am not kidding) all hell breaks loose. Love Kevin Smith and this one should of been left on the cutting room floor
jack1978 added their review for Dreamcatcher: Stephen King is a master story teller and not all his books make great movies and some should not be attempted with this being one of those. Horrible in every sense of the word and failing to catch what King was trying to say. Even though I love some of the actors in this movie most would regret being in this. A very muddled plot with some of the worst lines ever recorded on film I would find something else to watch
jack1978 added their review for Monster House: Even cartoons can be scary so be warned if watching with younger ones. A heart breaking story with themes of grief and friendship at its core, Monster House is a movie that packs a few surprises. When a group of friends accidently lose their basketball into the house they decide to go in and get it. This proves a thrilling ride as the house will not give up the ball without a fight.
jack1978 added their review for Meet the Parents: Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro provide comedy gold in this modern classic as male nurse Gaylord, tries to convince old CIA operative De Niro that he is worthy to marry his daughter. Given that she is the youngest in the family that is easier said than done. A modern classic that produces plenty of laughs and a few cringe worthy moments this is one of the better movies to spend with a loved one
jack1978 added their review for Stoker: Not sure if you really class this movie as strictly horror but more in the thriller category. Kidman stars as a mother struggling after the death of her husband in a car accident. India (Wasikowska) is on deep mourning until her uncle (Goode) arrives and all hell breaks loose as both India and her mother become infatuated with him. A slow burn film much in the same vein as Dead Calm and The Last Seduction where patience creates a huge payoff this is a future cult classic Watch If You Like : Dead Calm, The Last Seduction, The Stepfather
jack1978 added their review for Queen of the Damned: One of the worst vampire movies ever which is a major shock considering the strength of the source material. Townsend stars as Lestat a vampire tired of hiding. Alarm bells should be ringing as Cruise did not renew his role as Lestat from Interview With A Vampire - a far superior film. Aaliyah stars as the said Queen who rises from the dead and decides she wants to rule over humanity. Where Rice's story is complex but brilliant - this is a mess that makes too many jumps and too many loose ends. There are better vampire movies to sink your teeth into
jack1978 added their review for Ravenous: Not a typical horror film in the true sense of horror but a good escape with a solid story. Pearce is excellent in the role of a soldier sent out to investigate a missing colonial army force. Carlyle stars at Ives the only survivor of the ill fated patrol who harbors a deep secret. Very solid acting and pacing propel the story and Pearce is at his nervous best in this horror thriller. A good movie but probably should not be watched while snacking
jack1978 added their review for The Ritual: A little bit of trepidation with this movie having read the novel and loving every minute of it. While the third act steers away a fair bit from the novel which does lose a little bit of the impact this is a solid horror movie. The acting is spot on and the tension as they become victum not only of the creature but the forest itself makes this a better than average horror movie.
jack1978 added their review for Donnie Darko: The movie that created brought weird to mainstream and released Gyllenhaal to the world. After the 1988 presidential election a teenager, Donnie Darko, meets a giant rabbit named Frank. Frank tells him the world will end in 28 days after which a jet engine crashes into his room. Is this a premonition or a sick joke - but the next 4 weeks prove to be the craziest of Donnies life. An original tale and outstanding performances elevate this movie to a cult classic and one that has must see written all over it
jack1978 added their review for The House with a Clock in its Walls: Another YA story coming to life on the big screen. This one has more firepower due to its leads and director creating a tale of magic and wonder. After his mother and father die in a car accident 10 year old Lewis goes to live with his uncle in a creepy old house that is home to thousands of clocks and weird items that move by itself. Turns out his uncle is a warlock and Lewis wants to become one as well. Be aware that even though it is PG it gets very dark in the third act
jack1978 added their review for Brawl in Cell Block 99: As hardcore as they come, this tells the story of a man who becomes a drug runner after losing his job. Fast forward 18 months later and when his deal goes South he is sent to prison. When his wife and unborn child are kidnapped, our anti hero is forced to try and kill another inmate held in the worst prison possible. Vaugn is outstanding as the calculated but imposing father forced to go against everything he is trying to change. Violent and gory this is not a movie for the faint of heart but dark as they come with a harken back to the grindhouse movies of the 70s Watch If You Like : The Escapist, Planet Of Terror, Assault Of Precinct 13
jack1978 added their review for The Phantom: As a huge fan of the comics to say this was a disappointment would be an understatement. Zane is badly miscast as the Phantom as he lacks the charisma and presence to pull it off. Swanson is also miscast as Diana as she basically plays the damsel in distress - not the smart and independant women as displayed in the comics. None of this is helped by a poorly written script and a story that pushes into the supernatural - not the route a typical Phantom story takes. Given all the superheroes coming back to life of late hopefully someone can do this justice - because this movie is really really bad. Watch If You Like : Superman, Batman