Elizabeth Banks sported a "birthday suit" when she turned 50, but this one you have to see to believe.
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Charlie's Angels and Cocaine Bear make for a hell of a connection in Elizabeth Banks' filmography, but the director explains the reasons why both are so important to her resume.
With Tom Hanks having shared Diet Cokagne with the world, Cocaine Bear director Elizabeth Banks decided to try the drink for herself.
Elizabeth Banks expresses “sympathy” for the titular animal in Cocaine Bear.
Cocaine Bear's director, Elizabeth Banks, was inspired by some classic films to make the horror comedy.
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Elizabeth Banks has signed on to produce and star in a feature adaptation of The Magic School Bus book series from author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen, which has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide. Universal Pictures is teaming with Scholastic Entertainment, Marc Platt Productions and Banks' Brownstone Productions to bring the beloved bus to the big screen. Not only will Banks play teacher extraordinaire Ms. Frizzle, but she'll produce alongside her Brownstone partner Max Handelman and Marc Platt and Adam Siegel, as well as Iole Lucchese and Caitlin Friedman of Scholastic. Brownstone's Alison Small will …
The two Lego Movie stars have come together for a worthy cause.
I freaking love the cinematic Lego Movie universe. I find both entries in the main series to be hilarious, visually splendid, surprisingly emotional, and purveyors of excellent moral lessons. I find The Lego Batman Movie to be literally the best Batman film made to date. And I find all of them to be stuffed with catchier-than-catchy tunes. Lucky for me, and for other Lego fans reading, Lego Movie stars Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks have reunited for a lovely cause -- a coronavirus PSA. But this ain't your typical coronavirus PSA. Like Simon Pegg and Larry David before, …
Elizabeth Banks is a multi-faceted talent, as both a successful actress and director. We share the Hunger Games star's most critically acclaimed work.
We've found the very best Elizabeth Banks movies, as rated by the users of IMDb. These show the actress's true talents and very best roles.
In spite of the low ratings, the flop at the box office, and Elizabeth Banks's controversial remarks, her film is generally better than McG's original
After Dark Universe imploded after one movie, Universal wisely decided that maybe an interconnected universe wasn’t the best way forward for them and that they didn’t really need to use their classic monsters as superheroes, especially when you’ve got a perfectly good Fast & Furious franchise sufficing for a superhero team series. Instead, they decided to scale back on budgets and invest more in individual filmmakers, which is why you now have the very promising The Invisible Man on the horizon. Now it looks like they’re going to stay in the “invisible” wheelhouse. Elizabeth Banks is …
Charlie’s Angels director Elizabeth Banks will both direct and star in a reboot of the classic horror title The Invisible Woman for Universal.
The movie has had a hard time at the box office, but it's not all bad news.