Marvel has a number of blockbusters coming to theaters, and now Ant-Man's Michael Douglas has teased the start of working on Quantumania.
Michael Douglas has been in seemingly hundreds of movies and landed many different roles. We made a list of his best movies with Rotten Tomatoes help.
Michael Douglas revealed that Ant-Man 3 would begin filming in early 2021, as he seemed to confirm his return as Hank Pym.
Michael Douglas, who plays Hank Pym in the MCU, reveals Ant-Man 3 is set to start filming in January 2021 with Peyton Reed directing.
One of Hollywood’s most accomplished leading men, and son of one of its most prominent stars of the Golden Age of film (Kirk Douglas), Michael Douglas has electrified audiences for more than four decades. Known for playing assured, powerful men, his acting resume has also included roles that require him to be deftly sensitive and emotionally intuitive. He’s worked with countless famous directors, and won numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards.
Michael Douglas plays the OG Ant-Man in the franchise, and recently spoke to the possibility of a threequel.