Helen Mirren responded to questions about whether she'll return to the Fast Family as Fast X begins filming.
Helen Mirren is hooked on the word game Wordle and is really good at it.
Helen Mirren clarified that she didn’t ask to appear in the Fast & Furious movies so much as beg.
Helen Mirren finally gets a chance behind the whell in F9.
Academy Award winner Helen Mirren has been cast as a villain in the upcoming Shazam sequel as the character Hespera.
Ian McKellen plays a seasoned con artist whose latest mark (Helen Mirren) might be more than she seems in the new trailer for The Good Liar.
HBO has released the official trailer for the upcoming limited series Catherine the Great. The series stars Helen Mirren as the titular 18th-century Russian monarch and Jason Clarke as Grigory Potemkin, a military man and one of Catherine's many lovers. The official trailer puts a majority of its focus on Catherine (Mirren), naturally, and hints at how central her fight to maintain her position of power is as her male advisors attempt to sow distrust with those at court. Catherine is, as the trailer repeatedly tells us, an atypical ruler for her time. She flaunts her rotating roster …
HBO has released the Catherine the Great trailer for the pay-cable network’s upcoming limited series. The four-episode miniseries stars Helen Mirren as Russian empress Catherine the Great, set against her politically tumultuous and sexually charged court. The focus of this story is on the end of her reign, during which she shared a passionate affair with Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke) and overcame scandal, intrigue, and conflict to concoct the basis for modern day Russia. Philip Martin, who directed Mirren in the TV series Prime Suspect in addition to episodes of Wallander and The Crown, directs all four …
One aspect that has particularly allowed the Fast And The Furious to grow in popularity over the years is the way in which its not only regularly added to its central ensemble, but kept new additions around for multiple chapters.
Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren are confirmed to reprise their roles in the upcoming action flick, Fast and Furious 9.
More Fast and Furious 9 casting news continues to break as the possibly penultimate film in the franchise enters its third week of filming. Universal Pictures has kept the production of Fast 9 under wraps, to the point that the only major casting news we’ve heard has been from franchise star/producer Vin Diesel himself. That’s the case today, as Diesel took to Instagram to reveal that Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren are reprising their roles from The Fate of the Furious, the eighth entry in the franchise. Theron played the villain of Fate, a cyberterrorist named Cipher …
Mirren implied to the audience they shouldn’t go make a big deal about what she was about to say, and it should absolutely surprise no one that it took about thirty seconds for the quote to immediately be all over social media.