Shotgun Wedding's Josh Duhamel says he totally gets the appeal of co-star Jennifer Lopez's husband Ben Affleck.
Josh Duhamel get engaged, and his ex-wife Fergie sent her support to the newly engaged couple.
E-mail is probably a good choice, seeing as texting has landing Armie Hammer in some hot water in the past.
Even Josh Duhamel felt like a mear mortal next to a flawless Jennifer Lopez while filming Shotgun Wedding.
Very quickly, Shotgun Wedding went from a movie in peril to a fun, friendly experience.
A set photo from Netflix's comic adaptation Jupiter's Legacy shows Josh Duhamel as central character and Superman analogue The Utopian.
Discovery's Shark Week 2019 will feature its first ever original scripted movie, Capsized: Blood in the Water, with Josh Duhamel starring.