Dune’s Josh Brolin has given his take on his character Gurney Halleck disappearing in the latter portion of the movie.
Dune 2 is set to begin filming this summer, but Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin joked with each other about something they’ll need to do before cameras start rolling.
The Dune star shares why he has no regrets over not playing Owen Grady in the Jurassic World movies.
Dune won a ton of Oscars, but Denis Villeneuve was noticeably snubbed for a Best Director nomination.
Dune star Josh Brolin has revealed that his character Gurney Halleck will get more action scenes in Dune: Part Two... but he wasn't really ready for them.
For those who’ve been wondering about if Josh Brolin will be in Dune 2, the actor clarified what’s going on with that “ridiculous” situation.
The 2022 Oscars are reuniting Dune alums Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin.
Dune's Josh Brolin defends director Denis Villeneuve after his Oscars' snub.
In the world of Dune, there’s an extra element added to physical combat.
According to Gurney himself, Dune will be the epic everyone has been waiting for.
It's unclear how Deadpool will factor into the MCU, including Josh Brolin's Cable.
Loki died in Avengers: Infinity War, but Josh Brolin was a class act about it.
Dune bros stick together. Just ask Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa.
The Dune stars seem to be in agreement with their director over Warner Bros.' decision to release the film on HBO Max.
Josh Brolin reflects on his two Marvel movie roles and why playing Thanos was ultimately a more fulfilling experience than Deadpool 2.
The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II are video games stuffed with action, gunfire, and fungal zombies that make click clack noises to signal they're about to eat you. But that's not what makes the franchise stick in my brain. What makes it stick in my brain are the incredible characters -- especially Ellie and Joel -- and the incredible performances -- especially from Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker. Now that we know the world of The Last of Us is moving to HBO as a show under Chernobyl showrunner Craig Mazin's vision, one big question …