The English Patient. Mission: Impossible. Gosford Park. Tell No One. Darkest Hour. All of these acclaimed films have one performer in common: Oscar-nominated actress Kristin Scott Thomas, who exudes class, elegance, and power, elevating every film I've ever seen her in. Even her name has gravitas. And now Collider has learned that the English actress will bring her considerable talent to Ben Wheatley's new adaptation of Rebecca, starring Armie Hammer and Lily James. Netflix is teaming with powerhouse production company Working Title on the project, and while the streaming service is avoiding the dreaded “r” word (as …
The filming of Hotel Mumbai was always exhausting, but for Armie Hammer in particular, there was a stretch of days that were the most painful of them all.
Rumors about Armie Hammer's potential involvement recently gained some momentum, but it looks like there wasn't any truth to them.
Armie Hammer as Batman? Not so fast. The internet was set ablaze last night when a rumor began circulating that not only could the Call Me by Your Name star possibly be the next Caped Crusader, but that he was in “final negotiations” to take on the lead role in writer/director Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated upcoming film The Batman. This didn’t pass the sniff test for a couple of reasons, and indeed it was swiftly debunked by both Borys Kit from THR and Justin Kroll from Variety—who can be implicitly trusted when it comes to the veracity …
Just because a movie doesn't end the way you hope, doesn't mean the entire thing is an utter failure, but sometimes that big finish is such an outrageous swing and egregious miss, that it completely changes the way you look at the entire experience. So is the case with Babak Anvari's head-scratcher Wounds. Armie Hammer leads as Will, a New Orleans bartender. It’s a typical night at Rosie’s with Will serving some regulars but then a group of underage college kids walk in. Will cuts them a break, serves them some beers and lets …

Armie Hammer

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