Arthur B. Rubinstein

Arthur Benjamin Rubinstein (March 31, 1938 – April 23, 2018) was an American composer. He composed several TV series soundtracks and songs for film scores, including Video Fever and Edge of the World in the 1983 film WarGames. During the making of these soundtracks, he was a member of the band The Beepers. He has frequently been hired by film director John Badham, and the majority of his movie soundtracks are found in Badham's work, including Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981), Blue Thunder (1983), Stakeout (1987), The Hard Way (1991), Another Stakeout (1993), and Nick of Time (1995).

Born Name:Arthur Benjamin Rubinstein
Born:Mar 31, 1938 in Brooklyn, NY, United States
Died:Apr 23, 2018
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