Anna Faris reveals her relationship with ex Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger is growing stronger.
Anna Faris told the story of being groped back in 2017, but didn't reveal the director's identity until now.
For months, it has been speculated that Anna Faris up and married again.
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have both been open about growing after their divorce.
In this year of chaos, abrupt TV cast changes aren't the most wild thing we're dealing with. But Anna Faris's abrupt announcement that she would not be returning to the CBS sitcom in which she's been starring since 2013 did throw a lot of people for a loop last summer — especially considering that she's, y'know, the titular Mom. But the series, as seen in the Season 8 premiere, has handled the pivot with a degree of grace, entirely because technically, Faris's character wasn't the only mother on the show, and her co-…
The Scary Movie actress is Chris Pratt's ex-wife and mother to his first child, Jack.
Sounds like Scary Movie came along at just the right time for Anna Faris.
Former star of Miami Ink Kat Von D bonded with Anna Faris during a podcast discussion about their past experiences with cheating partners.