He's got quite a few movies to choose from.
Here are just a few fun facts about the making of 1988's cult-favorite, Willow.
Could the actor don the cape and cowl once once more?
Check out over 40 official photos and artwork from the third entry in the Batman movie franchise -- and Val Kilmer's only time up at Bat. Check out Jim Carrey as Riddler, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, and more.
More than 25 years after appearing in 1995's Batman Forever, Val Kilmer is opening up about why he quit playing the Dark Knight. Kilmer's time as the Dark Knight was short-lived, appearing in the Joel Schumacher-directed feature alongside Chris O'Donnell as Robin, Tommy Lee Jones as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Jim Carrey as The Riddler, and Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chase Meridian. Before Kilmer's comments were published earlier this week in a lengthy New York Times profile, the only side of the story we had to go by were allusions to Kilmer maybe being …
His Caped Crusader was a one-and-done performance.
Listen: I'm begging you to read this Daily Beast excerpt from Val Kilmer's memoir I'm Your Huckleberry in full, and then I'm begging you to read the full book available now, and then I'm begging you to listen to the audiobook narrated, of course, by Will Forte. The chapter excerpted from the talented, eccentric actor's wild life tells the tales of his time shooting Top Gun with Tony Scott and Tom Cruise, and every single detail is wilder than the last. For example: Kilmer initially wanted nothing to do with the film. He found …
The Top Gun: Maverick trailer shows Tom Cruise’s character at a funeral, but who’s in the coffin? We present a theory about how the sequel will begin.