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James Franco has finally spoken out about his sexual misconduct allegations and his current relationship with Seth Rogen.
Actor James Franco has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct brought against him nearly four years ago, admitting that he slept with students at his acting school despite previously denying the accusations.
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Seth Rogen has said he doesn't plan on working with James Franco again following accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior.
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Artistic jack of all trades James Franco is again in hot water over misconduct allegations that he sexually exploited students at his acting school.
James Franco's latest film, Zeroville, which he directed and starred in, bombs at box office with opening gross of less than $9,000.
The star of The Deuce may find himself drawn in to the former couple's nasty and protracted legal battle.
As Seth Rogen and James Franco team up later this year for another movie, we thought we'd have a throwback of their collaborations, ranked from worst to best. Zeroville (2019) is set to be released in September and tells the story of a young actor as he arrives in Hollywood in 1969. The film stars the two comedy geniuses, along with upcoming Joey King, Megan Fox, Will Ferrell, Dave Franco, and Danny McBride.