Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Lennon (Campbell) is a back-country ranger starting a new job in a national park, where in the recent past, a number of fellow rangers as well as members of the public have gone missing.

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:United States
Directed By:Teresa Sutherland
Written By:Teresa Sutherland
Cast:Ana Sofia Martins, Georgina Campbell, Paul S. Tracey, Soren Hellerup, Ivory Lee Smith, Mick Greer, Nick Blood, Raquel Rocha Vieira, Celia Williams, Maria De Sá, Edgar Morais, Wai Ching Ho
In Theaters:Feb 22, 2024
Runtime:1 hour 27 minutes
Production:House of Quest Films, QWGmire, Woodhead Creative
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