Mafia Inc.

The Gamache, a family of tailors, have been dressing the Paternò Mafia family for three generations. Vincent “Vince” Gamache works on behalf of Frank, the godfather with his eldest son Giaco. Vince, reckless and rash, seeks to earn his stripes by impressing the godfather. Without the Paternò knowing, he stages a big operation and is promoted. Fuming with jealousy, Giaco discovers that Vince committed a monstrous act behind his back. The Gamache disown him and war begins.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Crime, Drama
Directed By:Daniel Grou
Written By:Sylvain Guy, André Cédilot, André Noël
Cast:Roman Pagliaro, Benz Antoine, Donny Quinn, Mike Ricci, Gerry Mendicino, Sergio Castellitto, Karl Farah, Marc-André Grondin, Luigi Saracino, Antonio Iammatteo, Mylène MacKay, Domenic Di Rosa, Gilbert Sicotte, Vittorio Rossi, Toni Ellwand
In Theaters:Feb 19, 2021
Runtime:2 hours 23 minutes
Production:Attraction Images
Box Office:$889,863
Available On:Amazon, Vudu
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