Today marks 30 years since River Phoenix died, and his mother and sister penned sweet tributes to him on the anniversary.
Phoenix and Rooney are paying tribute to the late actor in such a beautiful way.
It's understandably hard to make a show about California that doesn't turn into a sprawling, disjointed mess because, well, California is a sprawling, disjointed mess connected only by a freeway system that looks like Medusa in high humidity. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels—creator John Logan's spiritual sequel to his Gothic horror drama that ended abruptly in 2016—adds another layer of irony to that idea by placing California's quest for its first major freeway at its center, a cold move by the predominantly white governing class that rightfully enrages the Mexican-American population it will …
Disney has released a new trailer for Jungle Cruise, the swashbuckling adventure that pairs Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt for a wild ride down the Amazon based on the iconic Disney Parks ride. Jaume Collett-Sera (The Shallows) directs from a script by John Requa (Smallfoot) and Glenn Ficarra (Focus) & Michael Green (Logan). First footage from the film has definitely been in the same vein as the studio's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, which injected some supernatural elements into a famous Disney ride all the way to the blockbuster bank. (There's also some serious 1999 The Mummy …
Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor at the 2020 Oscars, and gave a shout-out to his late brother, River, during his acceptance speech.
Last Stand At Saber River is a 1997 TV movie starring Tom Selleck that too few western fans have seen. Here's why it's great.
River Song's appearances in Doctor Who happen entirely out of chronology. Here's how the character's timeline unfolds from her own perspective.