Scientists discover that fragments of a comet will hit Earth in a few days, and will likely cause the extinction of humanity; the only hope of survival is to take shelter in a group of bunkers in Greenland. The film follows the protagonists' attempt to get to that shelter.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Thriller
Country:United States, United Kingdom
Directed By:Ric Roman Waugh
Written By:Chris Sparling
Cast:Hayes Mercure, Cate Jones, Rick Pasqualone, Gerard Butler, Roger Dale Floyd, Jaime Andrews, Anissa Matlock, Morena Baccarin, Gary Weeks, David Denman, Andrew Bachelor, Scott Glenn, Brandon Quinn, Joshua Mikel, Claire Bronson
In Theaters:N/A
Runtime:1 hour 59 minutes
Production:Anton, Riverstone Pictures, G-BASE, Thunder Road Pictures, Truenorth Productions
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