From production values to good old fashioned horror elements, here are the areas in which Black Mirror trumped Twilight Zone (and vice versa).
Black Mirror is definitely the kind of show to make you think - and these are some of the lessons you may learn from season 5.
Although Black Mirror's Season 5 dived fans and critics, Netflix's show still offers a lot to unpack in its latest episodes.
Black Mirror, the Netflix drama that has five seasons so far, is known for shocking fans with crazy moments. These are the wildest twists.
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Black Mirror has held every Netflix binge-watcher's attention since it arrived on the platform in 2014. Its critiques on modern technology are as fascinating as they are unique, and each small season gives us a host of information, story, and world-building to explore and pick apart.
Black Mirror is a science fiction series with stories that center around technology. Netflix bought this series in 2015, as it used to be on a British TV channel, and now, the fifth season - with its three episodes - has been released.
Welcome to The Witching Hour! Collider’s horror podcast, co-created and co-hosted by Editor and Horror Lead Haleigh Foutch and Senior Editorial Producer Perri Nemiroff. On this week's episode, we dig into Black Mirror and the terrors of technology in the 21st Century. First, we give our non-spoiler thoughts on Black Mirror Season 5, then we break down all three episodes, including a brief explainer on what to make of that 'Smithereens' ending, and the scariest technology the show has introduced so far. Listen to the latest episode of The Collider Podcast below and click here …
Spoilers for the Black Mirror episode “Smithereens” follow below. Viewers of Black Mirror are certainly no stranger to ambiguous or bleak endings, but one of the Season 5 episodes leaves things on a slightly less clear note than usual. Black Mirror: Smithereens tackles social media culture—more specifically humanity’s obsession with staring at their phones day-in and day-out, especially when prompted by notifications. The hourlong episode follows a clearly unwell man named Chris (Andrew Scott) who holds the employee (Damson Idris) of a Twitter-like company called Smithereen hostage, demanding to speak to the company’s CEO …
For almost ten years, Black Mirror has been the benchmark for tech-fuelled anxiety. Series creator Charlie Brooker and longtime collaborator/EP Annabel Jones filled audience imaginations with dreadful ideas of skewed reality, perverted consciousness, broken families, and brutalized bodies; all brought about by rapid technological advancements that often bring out the worst in humanity, leaving empathy and intimacy in their wake. Like most great science fiction, Black Mirror proved devastatingly prophetic in the worst ways – 'The Waldo Moment', once considered among the show’s worst, now holds up as one of the most relevant (if still not among the …

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