Bull Durham

Minor League baseball single-A team the Durham Bulls are dealing with another sparsely attended losing season, with one thing working for them; Ebby Calvin LaLoosh (Robbins), a hotshot rookie pitcher known for having a "million dollar arm, but a five cent head," who has potential to become a major league talent. "Crash" Davis (Costner), twelve-year veteran in minor league baseball, is sent down as the team's catcher to educate LaLoosh and control his haphazard pitching. Crash immediately begins calling Ebby by the degrading nickname of "Meat", and they get off to a rocky start.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Comedy, Romance, Sports
Country:United States
Produced By:Mark Burg, Thom Mount, David V. Lester, Charles Hirschhorn
Directed By:Ron Shelton
Written By:Ron Shelton
Cast:Danny Gans, Shirley Anne Ritter, Timothy Kirk, Robert Wuhl, Kevin Costner, Rachel Singer, Tim Robbins, Tobi Eshelman, Jenny Robertson, Rick Marzan, Don Davis, Henry G. Sanders, William O'Leary, David Neidorf, Dean Robinson, Lloyd T. Williams, Tom Silardi, Susan Sarandon, George Buck, C.K. Bibby, David M. Potter, Garland Bunting, Mark Jeffrey Miller, Stephen Ware, Gregory Avellone, Jeff Greene, Robert Dickman, Trey Wilson
In Theaters:Jun 15, 1988
Runtime:1 hour 48 minutes
Production:The Mount Company
Box Office:$50,888,729
Available On:Itunes, Vudu
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