Believer 2

Believer 2 (Korean: 독전 2) is a 2023 South Korean action crime film directed by Baek Jong-yul. It is a sequel to the 2018 film Believer and stars Cho Jin-woong, Cha Seung-won, Han Hyo-joo, Oh Seung-hoon, Kim Dong-young, and Lee Joo-young.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Action, Crime, Thriller
Country:Republic of Korea
Directed By:Jong-Yeol Baek
Written By:Cheol-Hong Jeon
Cast:Seung-Won Cha, Tzi Ma, Hyo-Ju Han, Dong-Yeong Kim, Jin-Woong Jo, Lee Joo-Young, Seung-Hoon Oh, Andreas Fronk
In Theaters:Nov 17, 2023
Runtime:1 hour 54 minutes
Production:CJ Entertainment, Superfiction, Yong Film
Available On:Netflix
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