Kill Me Please

Barra da Tijuca, West Side Zone of Rio de Janeiro. A wave of murderers plague the area. What starts off as a morbid curiosity for the local youth slowly begins to spoil away at their lives. Among them is Bia, a fifteen year old girl. After an encounter with death, she will do anything to make sure she's alive. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Country:Argentina, Brazil
Produced By:Santiago Gallelli, Lucas De Andrade, BenjamÍN DomÉNech, Matias Roveda, VÂNia Catani
Directed By:Anita Rocha Da Silveira
Written By:Anita Rocha Da Silveira
Cast:Júlia Roliz, Dora Freind, Mariana Oliveira, Antara Morri, Laryssa Ayres, Lorena Comparato, Vicente Conde, Matheus Malafaia, Bernardo Marinho, Gabriel Lara, Rita Pauls, Valentina Herszage
In Theaters:Sep 01, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 41 minutes
Production:Bananeira Filmes, Fado Filmes, Rei Cine