In Santa Cecilia, Mexico, Imelda Rivera was the wife of a musician. Imelda's husband left her and her daughter, Coco, to pursue a career in music. She banned music in the family and opened a shoemaking family business. In the present, her great-great-grandson, Miguel, now lives with the elderly Coco and their family. He secretly dreams of becoming a musician like Ernesto de la Cruz, a popular actor and singer of Imelda's generation. One day, Miguel inadvertently damages the photo of Imelda at the center of the family ofrenda and removes it, discovering that her husband (whose face is torn out) was holding Ernesto's famous guitar.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy, Musical, Animation, Family, Comedy
Country:United States
Produced By:John Lasseter, Darla K. Anderson
Directed By:Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina
Written By:Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina
Cast:Luis Valdez, Jaime Camil, Sofía Espinosa, Anthony Gonzalez, Alfonso Arau, Renee Victor, Selene Luna, Gael García Bernal, Gabriel Iglesias, Herbert Siguenza, Cheech Marin, Alanna Ubach, Benjamin Bratt, Edward James Olmos, Lombardo Boyar
In Theaters:Nov 22, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 49 minutes
Production:Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Box Office:$209,726,015
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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