Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens

In Jakarta, 17-year-old Ali watches his dying father, Hasan, die of cardiac arrest. His mother, Mia, left them when he was five for New York City. He flies there to meet her, though his helicopter aunt Suci asks him to go home after two weeks. Ali goes to the apartment at Queens where his mother stayed at, and meets her friend Party, who works as a cleaning lady. She shares the same apartment with bonek-turned-paparazzi Biyah, helicopter single mom Ance, and massage lady Chinta. Compensated with money, they pledge to help him search for Mia. Meanwhile they also guide Ali through New York, and he also has a crush on Ance's Indonesian-American daughter Eva.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Directed By:Lucky Kuswandi
Written By:Ginatri S. Noer
Cast:Victoria Hope Chan, Aurora Ribero, Samantha Kudler, Ibnu Jamil, Nirina Zubir, Ian Whitt, Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan, Bari Hyman, Asri Welas, Alphonso Walker Jr., Jonathan Sienkiewicz, Bayu Skak, Vincent Ticali, Happy Salma, Cut Mini Theo
In Theaters:Jul 17, 2021
Runtime:1 hour 40 minutes
Production:Palari Films, Tinygiant
Available On:Netflix
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