Rock Dog

Teenage Tibetan Mastiff Bodi (Luke Wilson) is expected to be the next guard of the village of Snow Mountain, succeeding his father Khampa (J. K. Simmons), who years ago drove out a pack of gangster grey wolves, led by the villainous Linnux (Lewis Black). Khampa has some local sheep disguised as Mastiffs to give the illusion the village has multiple guards to keep the wolves at bay, but Bodi has trouble perfecting his father's signature move the Iron Paw, which projects a powerful blast that can only happen if Bodi "finds the fire." Khampa has forbidden music in the village as it distracted Bodi from his duties when he was younger.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Adventure, Animation, Music, Family, Comedy
Country:China, United States
Produced By:Angela Wu, Uri Fleming, Deng Feng, Andrew Yang, Yang Ruiyi, Alonzo Ruvalcaba, Richard Zhang, Amber Wang, Mike Bundlie, Xiaoping Xu, Lauren Selig, Rob Feng, Xue Niu, Zhongjun Wang, Tan Fei, Benjamin Gilberg, Jerry Ye, David B. Miller, Zhonglei Wang, Zheng Jun, Joyce Lou
Directed By:Ash Brannon
Written By:Ash Brannon, Kurt Voelker
Cast:Kenan Thompson, Liza Richardson, Jennifer Hale, Deng Feng, Jorge Garcia, Kellen Goff, Lewis Black, Mae Whitman, Maddie Taylor, J.K. Simmons, Sam Elliott, Julie Craig, Ash Brannon, Matt Dillon, Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard, Will Finn
In Theaters:Feb 24, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 30 minutes
Production:Mandoo Pictures, Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company, Eracme Entertainment, Summit Premiere, DFG Family
Box Office:$9,420,546
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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