The Last Fiction

At a time when the shadow of “Ahriman” fell over the lands, King Jamshid, together with an army of his allies and with the “Divine Virtue” to accompany him, faced the army of Ahriman. With the will of “Yazdan“, Jamshid beat the Ahriman’s army. He sits on the throne and proud of his conquest he acclaims that his victory is that of God. He calls on his allies to conquer the lands of the Ahriman and to hunt them down. However, Yazdan forsakes him and thus takes away his glory. Alone, Jamshid falls prey to greed and an insatiable madness. He leaves his daughter “Shahrzad” and bids the Council of Ministers that Mardas, the ally of the southern lands, sit on his throne in his absence. The following day, Jamshid, together with an army of his finest soldiers, sets out for the northern lands to hunt down Ahriman. He never returns. Mardas dies and according to the command of the Council, Madras’s only son, Zahhak, is to take over Jamshid’s throne on behalf of his father. Alas, Zahhak’s very presence is pregnant with darkness. This darkness falls over the city and Jamkard is thrust into gloom and terror. Yet, once more with the passage of time an infant is born to a family of farmers in the heart of Jamkard who is named Fereydun… Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:NR
Produced By:Arman Rahgozar
Directed By:Ashkan Rahgozar
Written By:Ashkan Rahgozar
Cast:Melika Sharifinia, Shaghayegh Farahani, Ashkan Khatibi, Hassan Pourshirazi, Tina Pakravan
In Theaters:Dec 15, 2017
Runtime:2 hours
Production:Hoorakhsh studios