Tin & Tina

The plot is set in early-1980s Spain. It tracks the plight of Adolfo and Lola (the latter of whom has endured an unwanted abortion plunging her into a crisis of faith), as well as Tin and Tina, two creepy orphan twin siblings educated under strict religious teachings in a convent, ensuingly adopted by Adolfo and Lola.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country:Spain, United States, Romania
Directed By:Rubin Stein
Written By:Rubin Stein, Jose F. Ortuño
Cast:Isabel Ramírez Vázquez, Daniel Santana Ríos, Chelo Vivares, Maribel De La Llera, Javier Galloso Rodríguez, Ruth Gabriel, Milena Smit, Sergio Ramos, Jaime Lorente, Óscar Hidalgo González-Quevedo, Cristina Pérez Nollet, Carlos González Morollón, Anastasia Russo, Teresa Rabal, Luis Pérezagua, Antonio Figueredo Manrique, Blanca Figueredo Aznar, Joserra Leza
In Theaters:May 26, 2023
Runtime:1 hour 59 minutes
Production:Tin y Tina La Pelicula AEIE
Available On:Netflix
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