MVP: Most Valuable Primate

The plot revolves around an ape playing sports. Jack, a three-year-old chimpanzee, is the subject of an experiment involving sign language performed by Dr. Kendall at San Pueblo University in San Diego, California. However, Dr. Kendall loses funding for his research. Kendall arranges for Jack to return to his original home in a California nature preserve, but unfortunately dies before the transaction is completed and Kendall's boss, Dr. Peabody, sells Jack to the University of Tennessee. Meanwhile, the Westover family has just moved to Nelson, British Columbia. Steven, the son, was the leading scorer on his high school hockey team in California and joins the local junior B team, the Nuggets; he is surprised, however, by the violence of the play and the apathy of his teammates to their constant losing. His sister, Tara, who is deaf, is having a hard time making friends at her new school.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Comedy, Family, Sports
Country:Canada, United States
Produced By:Ian Fodie, Anne Vince, Richard Bullock, Michael Strange, Robert Vince
Directed By:Robert Vince
Written By:Robert Vince, Anne Vince
Cast:Lois Dellar, Jason Lang, Stanley Katz, Myles Ferguson, Aaron Smolinski, Helen Honeywell, Jay Brazeau, Frank C. Turner, Ingrid Tesch, Kevin Zegers, Robert Lee, Oliver Muirhead, Bernie, Ralph Alderman, Patrick Cranshaw, R. Nelson Brown, Shane Vajda, Campbell Lane, Louie, Nick Misura, Ray Galletti, Philip Granger, Sean Grove, Miles McNamara, John B. Lowe, Ann Warn Pegg, Jamie Renée Smith, Ryan Northcott, Dave Thomas, Alexa Fox, Kirby Morrow, Mac, Christine Willes, Rick Ducommun, David Lewis, Russell Ferrier, Mark McConchie, Trevor Roberts, Lomax Study, Dolores Drake, Jane Sowerby, Robert Vince
In Theaters:Oct 20, 2000
Runtime:1 hour 33 minutes
Production:Keystone Family Pictures, Film Incentive B.C., Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC), Funky Monkey Productions Inc.
Box Office:$1,246,237
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