Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In 1969 Los Angeles, actor Rick Dalton, who starred in a black-and-white Western television series called Bounty Law that began in the late '50s, finds his career is faltering due to ongoing alcoholism issues. Dalton dwindles into a drawling functional binge alongside Cliff Booth, his longtime stunt double and best friend where he laments that his career is over. Booth, by contrast, is a Vietnam war veteran who lives in a derelict trailer next to the Van Nuys Drive-In but seems happy and satisfied. Booth is also rumored to have murdered his wife, and gotten away with it.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Drama, Comedy
Country:United States, United Kingdom, China
Directed By:Quentin Tarantino
Written By:Quentin Tarantino
Cast:Margot Robbie, Timothy Olyphant, Leonardo Dicaprio, Tim Roth, Emile Hirsch, Dakota Fanning, Brad Pitt, Burt Reynolds, Damian Lewis, Kurt Russell, Margaret Qualley, Rumer Willis, James Marsden, Austin Butler, Clifton Collins Jr., Al Pacino, Scoot Mcnairy, Luke Perry
In Theaters:Jul 26, 2019
Runtime:2 hours 39 minutes
Production:Heyday Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), Visiona Romantica, Bona Film Group
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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Fans Ratings: 94%
Critics Ratings: 90%

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