Petite maman

Nelly (Joséphine Sanz) has just lost her maternal grandmother. Her parents retreat to her mother's childhood home in order to empty it out. Nelly's mother (Nina Meurisse) is deeply upset by the whole process and leaves during the night without saying goodbye to Nelly.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Drama, Fantasy
Directed By:Céline Sciamma
Written By:Céline Sciamma
Cast:Nina Meurisse, Stéphane Varupenne, Guylène Péan, Gabrielle Sanz, Margot Abascal, Josée Schuller, Flores Cardo, Joséphine Sanz
In Theaters:Apr 22, 2022
Runtime:1 hour 12 minutes
Production:Lilies Films, France 3 Cinéma, La Région Île-de-France, Canal+, Ciné+
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