Harrison Ford continuers to have troubles while making the new Indiana Jones movie.
One couple had a very magical time at the Magic Kingdom...eventually.
Edgar Wright was originally going to helm Ant-Man, before Peyton Reed stepped in after his departure.
With Soulmates, creators Brett Goldstein and Will Bridges have set up a fascinating playground for telling stories about love. The first season of the AMC series is set in a world where a newly invented test can scientifically determine your perfect match — an opportunity which leads to no shortage of romantic chaos for those faced with the choice of taking it. Its Black Mirror-esque approach can be traced to the fact that Bridges wrote two episodes of the British anthology series, but Goldstein and Bridges had been collaborating as writers for years before now, fascinated by an idea that …
Happy Endings was simply delightful. The David Caspe-created ABC sitcom, over three seasons from 2011-2013, delivered zippy jokes, immaculately farcical constructions, and one of the best ensemble comedy casts in TV history. It was always a cult hit trying to be shoved into a mainstream box, never quite earning home run numbers for the network, but still loved to pieces by the fervent audience that did watch it, leading to lots of rumors and discussions of reunions, revivals, new seasons, and the like. Now -- finally! -- we're getting a reunion in the form of a virtual cast reading …
Note: This interview contains full spoilers for the series finale of The Magicians. The Magicians is over. With the airing of the Season 5 finale, “Fillory and Further,” five years of insanely cool magic, shocking twists, emotional breakdowns, and yes, f-bombs galore has come to an end. It wasn’t exactly supposed to go this way. If it were up to The Magicians showrunners Sera Gamble, John McNamara, and Henry Alonso Myers, the show would have continued. But Syfy saw it differently, and in the midst of production on Season 5, word came down that this would probably be …
With Eternals officially set after Avengers: Endgame, it can show the inadvertent problems caused by the heroes wanting to defeat Thanos by any means.
The Game of Thrones was harsh and unforgiving to many characters. Which among them received happy endings, and which didn't?
Supernatural season 15 is the final chapter in the Winchester story, but as things stand, only Sam looks like he might be afforded a happy ending.
The movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist has an infamously dark ending, but the book it's based on is actually more hopeful in its conclusion.
The novel is a classic dystopian look at the future from Aldous Huxley but Brave New World 1998 foolishly softens the message with a happy ending.
Horror movies can be terrifying and unsettling, but at least they usually have happy endings, right? Well, not these ones.
The Avengers killed Thanos (twice) in Marvel's movie universe, but in the comics... The Mad Titan actually gets his perfect, happy ending!
The ending of Watchmen leaves fans asking if Nite Owl and Silk Spectre's love can last - and DC's Doomsday Clock just answered the question!
Happy Endings was one of the most underrated television comedies in recent years and an unjustly canceled show. The premise of a group of 30-something friends navigating work, relationships, and life in the big city might not sound original, but it was a real winner. The show's charm came largely from its hilarious and lovable characters. One of the standouts was Max Blum, played by Adam Pally.
We'll stick with the beautiful tragic ending Rogue One delivered in 2016.
Happy Endings is one of those TV shows that has devoted fans but not everyone has seen. Even though it may not be as popular as Friends or Seinfeld, it's definitely worth checking out because it delivers the same laughs and interesting storylines. Happy Endings follows a group of friends living in Chicago who have to get used to life after Alex (Eliza Cuthbert) leaves Dave (Zachary Knighton) at the aisle on their wedding day.