A memorable member of The Back to the Future cast has passed away.
In the next episode of The CW series The 100, entitled “The Queen’s Gambit,” the building tension at Sanctum is ready to boil over, while Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic) and Echo (Tasya Teles) struggle to understand what the residents of Bardo want with them. The episode also marks the directorial debut of actress Lindsey Morgan, who joins the ranks alongside co-stars Henry Ian Cusick and Bob Morley. During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, Lindsey Morgan talked about what it feels like when you know you’re shooting the final season of a long-…
Leave it to the delightful nerds over at Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet to find a way to keep filming during quarantine. The Apple TV+ show, a workplace comedy set within the world of multiplayer video games, will return on May 22 for a new episode completely written, filmed, and edited at home. Using iPhones, naturally, for that sweet, sweet Apple synergy. Here's the official synopsis for Mythic Quest: Quarantine: [caption id="attachment_864295" align="alignright" width="360"] Image via Apple[/caption] “Mythic Quest: Quarantine” is a new, half-hour installment that finds the team behind the biggest multiplayer video …
Rob McElhenney headlines Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, the latest workplace comedy from Apple TV+. Here's a breakdown of the rest of the cast.
Ubisoft employed one of their own game studios to make the world of Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet for the recently released Apple TV+ television show.
The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang bring Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet to Apple TV+, delivering a welcome bit of irreverence to the service.
Rob McElhenney plays one of the best confident fools in the business, and he seems right at home in the new trailer for his upcoming Apple TV+ comedy Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet. Co-created by McElhenney and his It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia coworkers Charlie Day and Megan Ganz, the show follows dude-bro game developer Iam Grimm (pronounced Eye-An, because of course), a thunderous douchebag trying to create the next blockbuster fantasy game who regularly exasperates his development team with his cluelessly self-indulgent demands. [caption id="attachment_864295" align="alignright" width="360"] Image via Apple[/caption] …
The relationship officially imploded when Lindsay went on Bravo's What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and confessed that their friendship was over.
Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown and Raven Adams are expecting baby together and revealed they're having a boy, who will be born in April 2020.
During episode 6 of the show, The Masked Singer's Black Widow was revealed to be the former Disney star and child actor turned host, Raven Symone.
Think Salem is Remnant’s most evil villain? Raven proved just as ruthless in RWBY volume 5 episode 9 when she made a deal endangering Yang and Qrow.
Titans season 2 makes a good fist of improving and developing all of its central characters, apart from Raven who appears to be going backwards.
That's So Raven was a hit Disney Channel show about a teen psychic and her friends. She gets up to some hilarious adventures and these are the best.
Fans of DC's TITANS have waited for Rachel to unleash her demonic persona, but Raven has finally shown her true self (in the comics).
The Three-Eyed Raven was portrayed by two different actors throughout Game of Thrones. So what was the reasoning behind the recasting decision?
A production still from Titans season 2 shows Raven/Rachel with the familiar look from the comics of a red gem affixed to her forehead.
The CW's hit sci-fi show The 100 has a reputation for reinventing itself every season. The Season 5 finale was probably the ultimate reboot in TV history: the showrunners literally nuked the Earth, rendering it a dead world to our heroes. Undaunted, the crew boarded the spaceship Eligius IV and discovered a faraway planet to escape to but, bad news, it involved a 125-year time jump. No problem folks: just a little cryo-sleep and we’re all good. Leaders Clarke and Bellamy were awakened first, and boy did they have a surprise: Jordan, a 20-something …